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The year was 200 when a small group of stupid Dwarves walked out into the wild after being promised a place in history. The story runs on as the fort continues onward into time, but not without unforeseen events.

Facepunch Thread

Succession Players[edit]

  1. ilikehl2
  2. mad skillz11
  3. Thorny (Out)
  4. Adbor
  5. KingLouis
  6. Teh Zip File
  7. Block (Current)
  8. noctune9
  9. Str4t0s
  10. Rotinaj
  11. Resto
  12. ThunderClaw
  13. TerrorClaw

Rules and Guidelines[edit]

  • We are using version 40d
  • No bridge falling traps for defense, makes the game too easy.
  • Don't ruin the fortress completely.
  • You have one year in game to rule.
  • You get one dwarf to represent you.
  • Please be creative in story telling!
  • You have 7 days to complete your year.
  • If you do not respond to your turn starting within 2 days, you are kicked from the game.
  • If a player is inactive over this time or does not complete, the next ruler can get the last save from the failed ruler and continue or start from the last successful ruler's save.
  • If you cannot complete your game, please inform us and not disappear
  • Provide logs every now and then please. (With pictures if you will, not needed anyhow)
  • When your turn is over, post that last update and PM the next ruler informing them this and upload your saved game to the thread post (So others can fuck about if they wish and explore)
  • NO MODS AT ALL ARE ALLOWED (Tilesets are fine)
  • Do not rename other Dwarves other then your ONE SELF
  • Rules/Guidelines will be changed based on what is seen as fit.