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This log entry is from the bloodline game Tinbolt.

1st Granite, 1054[edit]

Tinbolt chIV roman.jpg

So I, Roman Zanoroltar, have come a long way to this accursed piece of rock and sand to carve out a new mountain home for my brothers. This rock, this desolate slab of lifeless rock, already is home to other, fouler creatures. I have come to aid this expedition as a humble and lowly miner. I have done my charge well and continue to do so to this day.

As I toil away at this floor, fadingattheedges surprises me with a hearty slap on the shoulder. He exclaims it is to be my turn to help him rule this fortress at the edge of civilization. He wants me as the Village Manager and Broker. Me? Why me? Have I the skills necessary to lead this expedition from failure? How did this happen, surely there are others more suited to this task? I stood there stunned at prospect of my leadership being tested. Then it hit me, I am being called and it is my duty to answer and serve.

Remembering my place and trying to make light of my situation, “Sure you get to leave me to deal with the gobos when they come. Now it’ll be my head on a pike if we fail”, I say with an air of lightheartedness and a chuckle. We’ve been hearing the drums of war coming from the goblins for days and days now. Everyone’s at edge, we know they’re coming, hopefully we’ll be ready.

So I called together a council to access our situation, you know in all the time I’ve been here I really hadn’t thought about how we are laid out, I hadn’t really thought of the big picture, I was just told to dig here, engrave here.

Tinbolt chIV 01.jpg

Wow, not much food to go off of; enough to get us through the year but not much more. Plenty of drinks though. And plenty of seeds to go around, perhaps it’s time to add another farm or two.

Quite a few weapons for so few dwarves – 13 battle axes, a war hammer, a short sword, a pair of spears, a mace, 21 crossbows, 6 picks, 5 bows, 4 pikes, 6 halberds, 1 2-handed sword, 2 long swords, a maul, 4 great axes, 5 large daggers, 5 flails, 2 morningstars, and 2 scimitars. No need to makes any more weapons except perhaps a few more maces for the crossbowdwarves to carry.

However in the ammunition department we are sorely lacking. Lots of iron bolts and arrows, but those are heavy and not usable for training. We need more wooden bolts, in fact we have no wooden bolts? This will be my first decree, to order the creation of many more wooden bolts to be used in times of war and in practice.

With my review of the stores complete and more wooden bolts ordered, I go to survey our map of the surroundings. The first this I notice is the newly built bridge to ferry our kinsmen over from the other side of the chasm. It also would allow those pesky gobos easy access to our side of this rock, so I order a switch be built beside the bridge to allow us to retract it when we don’t need it.

I also find a lack of office space available for me to plan our future. So, I get to constructing a small office next to my new bedroom in the living quarters. I also order a large section of sand to be cleared out to be used to store some of this stone we have lying around everywhere, we are dwarves, mighty and proud, can’t we at least pickup after ourselves.

After the switch is built for the bridge, I find that it cannot link to the bridge. So I order a new bridge be built right next to the old one.

And as I was attending to the bridge business, I started to get reports of our people under attack. First our mad engraver, Momuz Nabasonul died; this was expected, he went insane and was locked away – he died of thirst. But immediately after that I got reports that Solon erithudar, Fisherdwarf had been shot and killed. I got other reports of a mighty goblin Mace Lord, Estrur Boramxu on the move. I turned and looked and the goblins were swarming allover our entrance. I ordered all dwarves inside and to take arms in preparation of the defense of our home.

Tinbolt chIV 03.jpg

I brought all squads on active duty and summoned them to the main chamber just inside of our traps. I got news that catten Logemkol, woodcutter was unable to make it below ground before being struck down. All around I could hear the shrill warcry of the goblins. It’d be some time before our defenses were ready.

Ilral Nefekfikod, Mason was still outside during the invasion; he tried to run but was shot down by the goblin archers. Also Goden Kengalath, a planter was shot and killed while trying to make a mad dash to the entrance. As Melbilazmol, a hauler valiantly tried to take on the goblins but was also struck down by the mighty mace lord. Lastly our Furnace Jockey, Urvad Avuzvukcas was shot to pieces, his torn body flung into the chasm.

Now the goblin mace lord led his fiendish horde into our maw. We would get our chance to exact revenge.

Tinbolt chIV 04.jpg

A flurry of bolts crossed the narrow room of traps, one of the goblins slain. Two of our children, rushing to the garden with the rest of the civilians witnessed this horrific sight as our brave warriors clashed with the goblins. Iden Onolodshith, a recruit and Tun Dakonber, a hunter bled to death on the field of battle.

Tinbolt chIV 05.jpg

Several goblins fell to our bolts and axes. A terrible cry was heard. A great clash continued of which the fate of our kind in this region was held in the balance. Mattmoss threw himself into the fray, and after dispatching a goblin, was stuck down by another. His squad “The Helmed Humble Quakes of Racing” was annihilated. However the battle was concluded. The last of the goblins shot down.

I toured the scene of devestation. We lost 9 of our bravest souls to the goblins and another to his own insanity. Our former Leader, Mattmoss, dead. We shall mourn his death, and a great tomb will be erected in his honor. We shall forever remember this day as his day, Mattmoss day the 9th of Granite.

Tinbolt chIV 06.jpg

The goblins who came with Boramxu were all slain to the last, including that vile Lord Estrur Boramxu himself. Forever shall we utter his name as a curse. A few goblins remained of the invasion on the surface, but they were running from us now. I sent the Folded Hames to the surface to bring them to justice. I order them to chase away the goblin scum.

The rest of the goblin scum didn’t stop to look back, they ran and they ran. Our soldiers could not engage them, but we figured enough damage was done. We quickly set to putting this place back on its feet. Some Caskets were ordered. One of the larger empty rooms on the main floor was converted to a tomb and adorned with the proper fittings for a hero. Statues were ordered. Engravings were requested. I did my part to assist in the engravings, for we owe so much to those who have passed on for our defense.

At the end of the day, I sat alone at the dinner table thinking about what transpired. Barely a few days into my tenure and we lost 1/6th of our people.

12th, Granite[edit]

An Elven caravan arrived. Fadingattheedges quickly announced that the export of Nickel silver items was prohibited. I figure no big deal, we don’t deal in that material for our exported items anyways. The elves didn’t have anything we needed so I sent them back on their way.

18th Granite[edit]

Stosbub Azstrogumkost, A goblin snatcher attempted to take one of our children but was promptly caught in a cage trap.

25th Granite[edit]

One of the children organized a party at the rock statue garden.

The Mattmoss day memorial is complete, however it will take some time before the rocks can get cleared out of the room. An olivine statue in Mattmoss’ image was erected outside of the dining room.

Tinbolt chIV 07.jpg

1st Slate[edit]

Ushrir Godenesis, an Engineer went mad and took over a Mason’s workshop. He grabbed some stone and began to work.

We also got word that our healers were lacking buckets to give water to the injured. I quickly ordered a few buckets to be made.

I also found that my office was complete and moved in.

4th Slate[edit]

more migrants arrived.

From my gaming days I was taken aback, as we got a dungeon master, Aban Akrulilid. We also got a Wood Burner, Five Peasants, two Marksdwarves, an Axedwarf, a Miner, two Butchers, a Soap Maker, a Leatherworker, a Siege Engineer, a Mechanic, a Farmer, a Woodcutter, a Woodworker, a Fisherdwarf, and two children. All told that’s 23 new souls for our humble abode, bringing us to 64.

In the midst of this great migration, on the 6th of Slate, Ushrir Godenesis finished his great work, Ninglal, “Burnblanket”, a Gabbro hatch cover! I am glad to see our people able to take pride in our victory over the goblins and not turn to morose moods.

Tinbolt chIV 08.jpg

Now what to do with all these people? Put them to work of course. We have much stone to move before this place will be cleaned up. I also ordered a new surface stockpile of stone to give more room in clearing the place out. The new cavern in the black sand is just about finished; this will serve to store some of this excess stone.

I also ordered the construction of some burial chambers for the nobles, specifically one each for myself, fadingattheedges, and the dungeonmaster. The dungeon master also required a bit more of a personal dining room, so I ordered some new statues and another table for the noble dining room, and finished out his bedroom and office.

26th Slate[edit]

A tragedy occurred today, Ral Melbilurrith, an Axedwarf died today of thirst. He was injured and unable to move. Our lack of buckets has resulted in no-one being able to assist him with water, and he has perished. I checked the carpenters and the orders for buckets are still there, no carpentry is getting done. This must stop, they are doing other tasks, and now we pay with the life of one of our heroes. I pause to weep for my fallen comrade, and then turn to anger at my inattentiveness of his plight.

7th Felsite[edit]

It’s been sometime since we defeated the goblins. The position of Sherriff has been empty since mattmoss was killed. We are in need of a new Sherriff, enough time has passed to mourn mattmoss, and while his memory is there, we are in need of a new Sherriff to keep order and preserve all that mattmoss fought for. For this reason I appointed Ducim Kivishkubuk as the new Sherriff and assigned him to the proper quarters and office as his title demands.

Also the burial chambers are complete. I write here with a view of the new chambers completed, as well as a view of my office and the office of the new dungeon master.

Tinbolt chIV 09.jpg Tinbolt chIV 10.jpg

I also decided we need to hunt some more, our hunter was killed during the goblin invasion. So I took one of the Marksdwarves and made him into a hunter.

1st Hematite[edit]

Summer is now upon us. Thankfully things are quieting down. People seem to be returning to a normal way of life. The new immigrants breathe new life into everybody, new faces to see each day. I’m seeing more smiles now than I had in the past. Much is being accomplished. I can only hope the rest of summer remains this calm.

I found that nobody has been working on those wooden bolts I ordered 3 months ago. So I grabbed a fellow miner that was chumming around and we did the task ourselves. We now have plenty of ammo for practice.

I ordered a new office to be dugout next to the dungeon master’s. This office is to replace the office for the sheriff. His old office is too small, though well decorated. I also ordered the outfitting of a second noble dining room to satisfy the desires of the dungeon master.

16th Hematite[edit]

a goblin thief tried to snatch some kids away again today. He was quickly dispatched and perforated with many bolts. Also today a Human Caravan has arrived at our border, oh the joys. And a human merchant baroness has come to negotiate with us, isn’t it my lucky day.

17th Hematite[edit]

With the arrival of the Humans (though their caravan is still a ways off), the dwarven people have decided to elect a new mayor. Olon Lunerith, an Axedwarf is elected to carry on as Mayor. I’ve given over my Broker duties to fadingattheedges to keep him busy while I run the show.

19th Hematite[edit]

The merchant wagons have arrived, however fading is still sleeping. I will get him to station as soon as he gets up. That’s when I noticed he wasn’t sleeping at all, rather he was “resting”. His hand was injured and for this he was stuck in bed, this must have happened with all the goblin thieves we’ve had recently. I was resigned to take back the Broker role until he gets better.

So into the driving wind I went and I traded most of our finished goods in exchange for a ton of meat, a bunch of beer, some wood, and some cages. I negotiated with the baroness, however we are mostly self sufficient and thusly I requested nothing of them. With that I bid them safe travels and hope to see them again next year. I watched as they carried off into the sunset, wagons laden with dwarven goods. I looked about all this meat left out in the open and started in on someone to get this below immediately.

28th Hematite[edit]

I got notice that Meng, the new hunter was interrupted in his drinking. I looked across the field and found that Meng, in his wisdom of hunting decided to hunt inside the goblin fortress. I hope he makes it out alive. And if he doesn’t, well he chose to go there.

5th Malachite[edit]

The new mayor made an edict today. He mandated that exports of floodgates are to be banned. I don’t really have a problem with this, seems a bit nuts, but I can’t imagine exporting flood gates anytime soon.

28th Malachite[edit]

For some reason our new Mayor passed away today. They say he bled to death, however we weren’t even aware he was injured. He passed away in front of the graveyard, perhaps he took his own life? This place is cursed I tell you.

Tinbolt chIV 11.jpg

After this news I checked on our friend fadingattheedges. He isn’t doing so well. He’s hungry and thirsty; and despite me giving orders for dwarves to take care of him, they just are not getting the job done. Perhaps this fortress is too large for them to find their way to water and back in a reasonable timeframe? Well I decided to dedicate one of the peasants solely to health care for the time being, until I can come up with a better solution. How can we allow ourselves to not take care of our wounded that have given us so much?

Tinbolt chIV 12.jpg

I have found the source of our problems. We have no source of fresh water. Water for the injured has to come from far away, from pools on the surface. We don’t even have a brook or river nearby to tap into for fresh water. So I decreed to utilize a small nearby pool near the entrance as our source of water. Hopefully this will help the situation a little bit; in the future we will have to move this water source closer to our beds.

10th Galena[edit]

Fadingattheedges finally got water and food. This process takes too long, but at least he’s happy for now. I only wish his hand would get better soon and that he could rejoin us.

The office of the mayor remains vacant since our last mayor gave up. I’ve been filling in his duties as well as my own for some time now. Oh how this taxes me, but it is my duty to continue and to provide for our enclave. Perhaps I can carve us out some sort of accomplishment before my time is up. To this end I ordered more finished goods to be produced and freed some of the stonecrafters from other tasks to avail them to make the goods. In addition I order the construction of some walls surrounding our entrance and the trade depot. This will help to fortify our position and provide some cover for those that must traverse the surface. We will adorn this new façade with great statues created by our masons; these will greet those coming to visit us so that they will know of our will.

This new façade includes and entrance that spans across the chasm twice. With it I ordered 2 new Iron bridges and the appropriate switches deep in our fortress to raise them in a time of need. This construction will take some time, but hopefully be completed before the end of my time in this place.

While starting the construction I freaked out at the sight of a massive troll. I put down the stone I was working with and ran to get the captain of the guard. The trolls were living in caves along the side of the chasm. With the guard’s squad on duty, we went back to building our fortifications. I grabbed a few peasants and miners (there were no mining jobs going on at the moment) and gave them masonry duties as well to speed us on our way.

1st Limestone[edit]

Our construction goes well as we enter Autumn. Some of the backwall is complete. The bridge is designed and just needs a metalsmith to build it. The fortifications on the far side of the chasm are mostly complete, all 4 of the initial statues are in place. I suspended some of the wall construction on the right side of the fortress until the bridge is complete. This will give us an out until the bridge is complete. To speed up the bridge construction I ordered Udil Kerrigoth, a peasant, to build the bridge with just his dabbling bit of blacksmithing knowledge. The other smiths have all been busy with other tasks.

5th Limestone[edit]

The bridge is complete! There is much rejoicing today; I have ordered a few extra casks uncorked to celebrate this achievement. The remaining walls continue to go up at a record pace, even the clerk has joined in the task of building. In order to facilitate the traders from the east, I ordered another smaller stone bridge to cross the chasm outside of our fortress, this will give traders access to our fort through the large Iron bridge.

Tinbolt chIV 13.jpg

Something interesting happened today. Fadingattheedges recovered! It must have been all this celebrating. Truly we have been blessed this day.

14th Limestone[edit]

While the party continues on (yes this is a week of partying), I got word that one of the Masons was stuck. Sure enough he worked himself into a corner atop a wall and could not get done. I ordered the construction of a stair to get him free. Thankfully our masons work fast.

Tinbolt chIV 14.jpg Tinbolt chIV 15.jpg

While dealing with that, I got word that a dwarven caravan had arrived along with their village Liaison. This shall be interesting. However once the diplomat saw this place and heard the Mayor was dead, he turned back around and headed back to his village. Without an election, there was no-one here he could negotiate with.

Once I realized that we are in a world of hurt diplomatically without an elected Mayoral official, I organized an election. The captain of the guard, Ducim Kivishkubuk, was elected Mayor. In turn I appointed Stukos Kolnamash as the new Captain of the Guard. With that I assigned him to the old Mayor’s residence and office (Ducim kept his).

20th Limestone[edit]

We concluded trade with the dwarves today. Their liaison didn’t stay to talk to our new Mayor (he bolted once he heard we had no Mayor), but at least the traders have level heads. We traded a bin of goods, including some of the blood stained clothes of our fallen heroes, for some Nickel-silver, some Steel bars, a little bit of wood, and a whole bunch of beer barrels. I think we made out like bandits there, though the traders were smiling the whole time.

A switch was installed on the main floor, it is currently being linked to the Iron bridge. This will allow us to safely island ourselves during a time of siege.

Tinbolt chIV 16.jpg

28th Limestone[edit]

With our new Mayor settled in, he made his first decree today. He banned exports of green glass items. It seems he is enamored with the stuff, but seeing as we are not producing any at the moment, I think this ban isn’t going to affect us much.

Also today, Iden Koganushul, a farmer, was taken by a strange mood. He took over a craftdwarves shop and began to work on a secret project. I quickly ordered some doors to be built around the shop just in case. He grabbed some wood, stone, and bones and closed the doors behind him.

9th Sandstone[edit]

The 2nd bridge was completed today. Also, the road paving was done leading to our Iron bridge. I ordered the completion of the walls, this fort will be done in just a matter of days now.

Tinbolt chIV 17.jpg

Also Iden Koganushul completed his legendary project today, Sodel Shigos, “The Shield of Packing”, a Cedar earring. With that he earned the title of woodcrafter. It’s too bad because I really need more farmers. After talking to him for awhile about this piece of art, I found that it was dedicated to those who have passed on while defending our home. In particular it mentions Ral Melbilurrith, the Axe Dwarf who passed away due to thirst while trying to recover from wounds.

Tinbolt chIV 18.jpg

11th Sandstone[edit]

Our fortifications are complete today. We can now put down our trowels for some time and rest. Winter is coming soon.

3rd Timber[edit]

I ordered another large section of sand to be dug out to facilitate more stone storage. We are doing good at clearing out the stone in the main floor, about a quarter of the rooms are stone free now.

After finding much of the area thought to be sand to in fact be stone, I had to give the rest of the task to some newer miners to work through. After a bit more I decided that was a bad location for stone storage and cancelled the task all together. Instead I designated another area that was more certain to be all sand for stone storage.

1st Moonstone[edit]

Winter is upon us. Not much is going on, some of the dwarves are getting freaked out about some of the trolls they can see in the chasm now that they have to route over the bridge to do their work. However I think its harmless, it cannot get to us. Still we may want to take care of our friendly troll neighbors some day. In the mean time I requested the construction of a wall along the edge of the chasm to block our view of the trolls until we are ready to clear them out.

5th Moonstone[edit]

The wall I asked to be built still is too much for these dwarves? So I moved the request back from the edge and also added a new bridge to be built heading to the west. This will hopefully allow us to live in peace with the troll.

I also get word that our wood supply has run out. This business with the Troll has prevented the wood from being ferried into the fortress. This must be addressed soon. I decided to dig out a tunnel to the troll and fill it with traps. I’ll then stationed the guard right at the end of the tunnel incase the troll gets through.

Once the tunnel was dug, our squad crept up to him and with two quick bolts dispatched the foul beast. No more need to worry about trolls here. The wood must flow.

Tinbolt chIV 19.jpg

I ordered the partially built wall to be torn down and that a statue be erected in honor of Stukos Kolnamash, Captain of the guards who faced this beast.

3rd Opal[edit]

Tulon Okilbim, a Hauler was possessed by a strange mood. He claimed a craftdwarf’s shop and began to gather materials.

13th Opal[edit]

Tulon finished his creation, Memadkatdir Mamotsinsot (longest name I’ve seen), “Reinglimmered the Plaited Claw”, a turtle bone right gauntlet. This work of art is dedicated to all we have done here, to the place we have built from nothing and the recognition we have gotten by other dwarves across the land.

Tinbolt chIV 20.jpg

16th Opal[edit]

A giant stench filled the chasm today. It appears that the troll’s body that we left to rot finally did just that; a final parting blow beyond the land of the dead.

20th Opal[edit]

Looks like fadingattheedges is back to resting again. It appears he was injured while sparring with another axedwarf. Hopefully he will get well soon.

3rd Obsidian[edit]

I ordered the enclosure of our entryway. This will protect us better from the cold and the rain. Also I receive word that we struck Borax. I am not familiar with this mineral, it could be good for us.

10th Obsidian[edit]

The enclosure is complete, we can now stay warm all winter.

Tinbolt chIV 21.jpg

The remainder of Obsidian passed quietly.

1st Granite, 1055[edit]

Finally my tenure as steward of this place has ended. I will miss it, but it will be good to free myself of pressure for some time. Perhaps again in some time I will take the task upon myself, but for now it is time to let someone else lead us into the future.

I leave this fortress in a good place, though it has been a rocky year. Our food stocks are much more stable than before, and we have 11 more dwarves than this time last year. Our fortress is safe from invaders, and we have driven off a goblin invasion. I wish Mattmoss good luck in the afterlife and hope the next steward won’t have the troubles that I did. Goodnight.

Tinbolt chIV 22.jpg