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I am interested in both, though my preference would be the arctic winter one.

I do have a question, which you may or may not be able to answer, will there be more then just a glacier biome? If not, that's fine. It would just be very difficult (!!!) to do any farming in a map with just glaciers all around. Though it is not impossible, just difficult. Depends partly on if there's a way to get water. Like melting ice with magma. But I know you don't want to give too much away, so I'm just wondering if It would be ALL glacier or not.

-- Frewfrux

Well, I've not decided completely yet. I might have a small section of some other biome... or I might just have it all glacier with only a magma pool no magma pipe... lol!
Either way, I may have the hardest job of getting it going in the first year... we shall see how talks with other hopefuls go. One thing to be sure, it'll be an evil area with as much "fun" as I can fit in! ;-)
If even I can survive the first year then I expect it'll all be fine. ;-)
-- Melek
I've tried this setting before. The biggest "problem" is that creatures of any kind don't enter glacier biomes as a general rule. Those that do are few and far between. The biggest challenge is not the creatures, but survival.
The "easiest" way to survive is to take advantage of the fact that the floor immediately above the first rock layer turns to arable soil if you build and then destroy the building. However, that is considered by most to be a form of cheating, so I'm guessing that's out of the question.
Bringing ice down to melt does, technically, produce water...but it's not usable water. It's very weird water. Anyway, I've found that the only ways it's possible to survive is by either:
A) having a source of water from another biome (long trips if it's off in the corner somewhere),
B) having magma to melt ice with (I haven't tested that out yet), or
C) bringing enough food and drink to get through 2 years which will allow you to 1) put in a request for loads of food and drink from traders (first year) and getting to the point when they come back with it (2nd year).
Once the traders have established that pretty much all you're interested in is food and drink, it's a bit easier from there. The biggest challenge is getting there.
Of course, if you can manage to generate a map where the traders won't visit due to the location being isolated...
-- Frewfrux
Well, it's all good stuff to keep in mind. I've generated the world it'll take place in... its cold and nasty... perfect!
If you frequent and decent forums feel free to let people know about the game and direct them to the Wiki pages.
-- Melek
You should put a link to the wiki article about ice in your game description and a note that everyone should read up on it prior to playing this game. Players should really have at least a little bit of an idea what they're getting themselves into here.
Ah, tundra. That's a great way to get critters to show up. (As opposed to 100% glacier)
Normally I play the graphical version of this game. It will be interesting to play the "real" version. I think I should get some practice so that I know what the different symbols mean.
Are we going to be re-naming dwarves to be our characters?
-- Frewfrux
I've found that wolves and blizzard men seem to turn up on 100% glacier... at least the ones I've played.
I love the ASCII version. Makes me feel all nostalgic. ;-)
Yeah, when you start your turn you can rename a dwarf to yourself and see how it goes from there.
-- Melek
I had one map that was mostly glacier with a corner as tundra and another corner as a different biome of tundra then the first. I did get blizzard men on that map, but not very often.
(As a side note, I understand the nostalgia for ASCII. I'm actually in the middle of the beginings of programming my own rouge-like.)
-- Frewfrux
I'd love to have the drive to start doing some programming at home... something like a Wurm Online/Dwarf Fortress cross. But after a hard day at work programming there I very rarely feel in the mood once I get back... ;-(
-- Melek 06:39, 10 February 2010 (UTC)

Also interested in both, but preference on The Artic hellhole. You said there is magma on the map? Did you make it a pipe or a pool? --Flying Dwarves Hurt 03:32, 23 February 2010 (UTC)

You're added and onlt two more people to go! To answer your question I think both maps are pipes. -- Melek 21:58, 24 February 2010 (UTC)

Paused or Abandoned?[edit]

Is this game going to be continuing at all? I haven't heard anything for a while now, so I'm wondering.