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  • Discuss the League and any ideas you have or changes you would like to see. Consider linking from the main page to a more specific page and using its Discussion area!
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You do not need to be a wiki member to play, but it will help everyone who is trying to identify you. You do, however, need to be a League "Member" to be listed among available players and to be rated. It's none of my business if you want to include non-Members in your games, but they will not be rated nor be able to rate Members.


This is DWR, my login here is Morinon, yay two internet handles. I'm not quite sure I could start one, but if someone else will...

Hey man, going to adjust your name and add a section to the Members area with Bay12 forums names. You can use ---~~~~
to create a signature after your post (use what is displayed, not what's in the edit!), tho I have not figured out how to move the timezone without re-editing. If you want to join a
game, you could either join my Survival Challenge or just send me a PM of what you want and I'll format a request in the
Games section. I haven't created the Survival Challenge game's page yet, but it should be up by tomorrow. --The Architect 09:03, 8 October 2009 (UTC)

Hey, me Kilakan

just testing out the chat. Though when would the first game start, I can do file hosting, picture hosting, map genning, and I can find a suitable "random" location. In other words, I can start a game.
You are a god! check out the Games page for a link to my current succession project, if you like it then please help us out with finding a location. If you have something else in mind, you can post it on any of these Discussion pages and it will be picked up. You can make whatever kind of game you want, and to help with that I'm on the way to put a template in the Games area. By the way, the code here is goofy, a : at the beginning of your paragraph indents the whole thing. Tab doesn't work. Also, joining this wiki doesn't even require an email or validation so i hope you will do it for communication purposes. --The Architect

My name is "Mongo V",

I would like to play in some bloodline games, and play some looped games. I would also like to make a fortress built in a statue of a dwarf, out of obsidian.
My Bay12 Games Forum Username is "Mongo". Are we using E-mail with this? I can make a new e-mail if we are.

My name is "Eniteris" and I would like to join. Any succession game is fine with me. I haven't taken part in any, but I've made a few great fortresses, and megaconstructions. Haven't beaten HFS, but am planning to. Possibly making a fire demon-powered fortress. ---Eniteris

My name is Evergod41 master of dwarfyness and the slayer of Urist McChampionAdventurer!! Prepare to be slaughtered!

I can do just about everything if i set my mind to it, i could also choose the best starting position possible, from barren deserts swarming with skeletal daemons and xombie carp, to lush forests neer elven retreats.


What are the ground rules for succession games? I'm particularly interested in frequency of play and length of turn. If I were to pull an idea for default from my noobish brain, I would say play one season, 3 days a week. In a looping scenario, how many players would be appropriate? Jogar2 20:26, 30 November 2009 (UTC)


whatever you want to discuss[edit]

Just made the connection between the people replying to survival post and to league post... a lot of the same people. haha! due in one case to the links maybe, but still. Beginning to hate the handle "architect" because it is so impersonal, but whatever. it's stuck now. I'm Luke by the way, so you have something to call me.

Oh well the, hi luke............ call me kilakan, my normal name is boring, and I think my user name is very personal. Anyone else wanna say something so we can know how many people are actually gonna use this?Kilakan

Hah I think by now we can tell the Wiki is too difficult for people. A lot of enthusiastic responses on the forum, but we're going to need help to move it along. Time to work up the guts to ask Toady, at the risk of being rejected and this whole thing thus becoming a failure. Here goes... --The Architect 00:17, 16 October 2009 (UTC)

Time takes its toll, is this dead?[edit]

Considering this page hasn't been edited since 2013, it seems reasonable to assume this sub-community is dead. Is that true, or has it migrated somewhere? If it hasn't, the article should be edited to reflect that it no longer is active. This article is also linked to by the succession games article as the primary place to find succession/bloodline games. Rather strange, considering no activity has happened since 2013... So could anyone confirm what happened to this? --Voliol (talk) 10:21, 1 September 2020 (UTC)