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Command line

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The command line is used for generating worlds quickly from the Command Prompt in Windows or a terminal window in Linux. Here is the text from command_line.txt:

See readme.txt for the license.
See release_notes.txt for information on handling saves and a brief writeup on the changes for this version.
See file_changes.txt for new init/interface information.
See command_line.txt for information on world generation from command lines.
Go to http://www.bay12games.com/dwarves/faq.html for Frequently Asked Questions and their answers.
Go to http://www.bay12games.com/dwarves/dev_now.html to see a full list of changes.

Dwarf Fortress Command Line Options

Dwarf Fortress currently offers one command line option, a world generator, suggested by genmac.
You can use it as follows:

FORMAT:	dwarfort.exe -gen <id number> <seed> <world gen param title>
EXAMPLE:	dwarfort.exe -gen 1 3498 STANDARD
EXAMPLE:	dwarfort.exe -gen 2 RANDOM CUSTOM6

This will open a silent, introless dwarf fortress, generate a world with the given id number and seed,
 export the region files and a picture, and finally quit.  The window remains open so you can see
 what's going on.  You can still abort world generation while it is running.  If you attempt to create
 a world number that already exists, it will abort immediately.

On Linux, make sure to rename the df shell script to something else before putting it in your path, since a df command already exists and replacing it with the Dwarf Fortress launcher script could mess up your system.

To generate 32767 maps on Windows create file "generate.bat" in game folder with this content and run.

"Dwarf Fortress.exe" -gen %RANDOM% RANDOM "SMALL REGION"
goto loop