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This article is about an older version of DF.

Driftwood is a feature of beach maps. It replenishes over time, and can randomly appear on any non-water tile in an ocean biome. It cannot be harvested for wood, nor can it be smoothed over. Note that you cannot see the rock type of a driftwood tile while the driftwood is present.

Driftwood can be removed by building a road or a Construction (such as a wall) on the tile, which will transform the tile into an ordinary tile of the base rock type. Removing the construction will leave an ordinary rock or soil tile. Furniture, however, can be constructed on top of driftwood without affecting it. Additionally, driftwood is immune to dwarven atom smashers. Cave-ins will only destroy driftwood when a natural wall lands on it.

Driftwood can appear when mining out a section of a frozen ocean directly above a rock or soil layer (i.e. the ocean floor), but not in a glacier.

Driftwood is not destroyed by contact with magma, but it is destroyed by casting in obsidian.

Sometimes called "shorewood" by no one.