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This article is about the current version of DF.

Glaze is a special coating that can be applied to jugs, statues, large pots, and crafts made from either stone or ceramic. Jugs made from earthenware cannot be used to store liquids until they have been glazed, while jugs of other materials (and other containers in general) have no such restrictions.

Two types of glaze can be applied: ash glaze and tin glaze. Glaze is applied at a kiln or magma kiln, and the type of glaze to be used cannot be chosen - the nearest glaze material to the relevant worker will be used and the corresponding glaze will be applied. (Note that glazes are not products in themselves, you do not make a glaze and then apply it to the ware.)

The application of glaze to stone and ceramic goods is performed by dwarves with the glazing labor enabled and grants experience in the glazer skill.

Glazes otherwise work like decorations. Ash glaze increases the glazed item's value by 50☼, tin glaze by 100☼, multiplied by the quality.

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