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The intro movie to Dwarf Fortress plays when the game is opened, unless it has been disabled.

Opening credits[edit]

First, the Bay 12 Games logo is displayed. Second, the Bay 12 Games motto (Beyond Quality) appears. In the next scene A Toady One The Great Production is pulled across the screen on a wheeled platform by a dwarf.

Intro movie 1.gif


The camera pans down from a blue sky to the entrance to a dwarven mountainhome. The title Slaves to Armok: God of Blood Chapter II: Dwarf Fortress appears above the entrance. Dwarves can be seen on the ground, and one enters the mountainhome.

Intro movie 2.gif


The camera enters the mountainhome and finds its way to a blacksmith using an anvil and hammer to form a glowing-hot piece of metal.

Intro movie 3.gif

Cavern lake[edit]

The camera then pans to the left and enters a door leading to a bridge that crosses a cavern lake.

Intro movie 4.gif

Sparring dwarves[edit]

The camera enters a door at the end of that bridge and focuses on two dwarves sparring with adamantine weapons.

Intro movie 5.gif


The camera then goes into the door on the left and goes down several tunnels until it comes to a dwarf mining. The miner strikes the wall of the cavern, makes a hole, and loses his pickaxe down said hole.

Intro movie 6.gif

Unspeakable Fun[edit]

The miner looks into the hole and is attacked by something.

Intro movie 7.gif