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This article is about the current version of DF.

While Dwarf Fortress is primarily keyboard-controlled, there are certain areas in the game that have mouse control. These are, however, rather rare, and therefore easy to document.

General controls[edit]

In most instances of mouse control, the controls are as follows:

  • Left-click to select an option. This includes list items, tabs, map tiles and various controls.
  • Right-click to scroll a list downward (in some cases to cycle tabs) or to move the cursor.
  • Right-click on map border to move view.

Double-left click currently only selects all items in a tab on the "Move Goods to Depot"-screen.

Mouse control support[edit]

Menus that support mouse control are:

       * You can also use the mouse to do designations, for example, clicking a tile to have it mined.

Mouse control requirement[edit]

The only area which currently requires mouse control is the world painter screen.

Note: All information on this page is true as of vanilla 0.40.19 - all earlier versions may have to be verified independently. Mods such as DFHack may provide you with full mouse-clicky goodness.


  • Resizing the window during the intro video can cause mouse control to only work in one corner of the screen.Bug:3861