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DF2014:A diplomat has left unhappy

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This article is about the current version of DF.

A diplomat has left unhappy

A player will encounter this message when a diplomat is unable to fulfill their duties and chooses to leave the map. This may occur if your leader, mayor, or other noble is unable to perform the "conduct meeting" task for several months, or immediately if your noble is killed, replaced, or taken by a strange moodBug:576. Curiously, this will not occur if the diplomat is physically prevented from attending the "conduct meeting" task. You can currently lock a diplomat in a room, and they will wait years to attend the meeting your noble is constantly conducting (and all subsequent diplomats appear to wait patiently in line for the first to finish); this behavior is presumably a bug.Bug:8947

A diplomat that is being chased down by goblins or other invaders may leave preemptively. This even happens when you order your own dwarves to attack them, though that will be fun.