DF2014:Dwarf cancels Construct Building: cannot reach site

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This article is about the current version of DF.

Dwarf cancels Construct Building: Cannot reach site.

This error message will show if a dwarf is unable to find a valid path to the construction site. You may want to check if the site is blocked in some way, such as on an unreachable z-level, across a body of water, or blocked in by walls or structures. Raising or retracting a bridge may lead to many of these messages. Alternatively, the dwarf that generated the message may be stuck themselves. Make sure they have not walled themselves in or have gotten stuck in some other way.

This error may also occur if a dwarf refuses to move an obstructing object in a diagonal corridor. You can manually order the object moved, then finish the construction - this behavior is presumably a bug.Bug:8879