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Should there be some mention of the fact that only mechanics can build levers? Would be helpful for noobs (like myself)

The linkage interface will give you the option to link buildings inaccessible from the lever[edit]

The article currently reads

The linkage interface will not give you the option to link buildings already linked to the trigger in question, or tasked to be linked. Buildings that are inaccessible from the lever or currently forbidden aren't offered, either.

I have found part of this to be untrue. Specifically, I have found that an inaccessible hatch can appear as an option in the linkage interface. I created a hatch, walled it in to a 1×1 room, flooded the room, then tried to link the hatch to a lever. The linkage interface allowed me to specify the hatch as a link target, but when I chose it, I eventually received the announcement

Kadol Ceroledem, Woodworker cancels Link a Building to Trigger: Cannot reach site.

I will remove the errant text from the article. 14:47, 4 December 2019 (UTC)