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Dark Metals, Glowing Metals, etc[edit]

Dark,Glowing,Blazing,Frosty,etc. metals are procedurally generated metals generated during worldgen and are used in weapons and armor of so named "Vault guardians" which you can meet in Vaults themselves. All of these metals have tag [DIVINE] in their RAWs so I'd suggest calling them divine metals. All of these metals are technically the same with the exception of name and sphere relation, here are the raws of one of them:

Ruspstrasp(   /   � inorganic_generated� [OBJECT:INORGANIC]� [INORGANIC:DIVINE_1]� [GENERATED]� [DIVINE]� [DISPLAY_COLOR:0:0:1]�
Thanks for the info, I've been wondering about the various other metal types that seemed to appear randomly for a bit now... I'm seeing singing metal, searing metal, ruddy metal, twisting metal, crashing metal, shining metal, multicolored metal, bright metal, booming metal, and flowing metal in my current fortress game - they appear to be randomly generated from the descriptive word list. It would be helpful if we could get someone who knows more about the wiki structure to properly place this info into the metal page to avoid people wasting time searching for this info. (i looked through reddit, the bay12 forums, and the wiki before finding this after about 45 minutes) --Daonitre (talk) 20:38, 28 July 2014 (UTC)

As of v0.40.14 those metals are listed in the forge in fortress mode. Is it intended? Is there a way to aquire divine metals in fortress mode? NomeQueEuLembro (talk) 01:48, 26 October 2014 (UTC)