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Hey i'm new here, you can call me Tango. I don't like forums so i'm going to say it here and hope people notice.

Since DF2014 i've not had a single goblin seige where they bring mounts, sometimes they'll bring trolls but its super rare

i'm wondering maybe if its a common bug or if its just me fucking up the raws by removing aquifers or something. No beakdogs, not elks nothing goblins show up on their two legs. i've had elfs attack as part of a load of goblins but never a single mount.

I believe dwarven necromancers also give a siege announcement of "The enemy have come and are laying siege to the fortress.", even without mods. I am receiving these announcements in my current fort often, with no humans in sight (the dwarven necromancer is controlling a squad of dead elves, like a boss).--DJ Devil (talk) 23:42, 14 September 2015 (UTC)