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Non-vampiric blood[edit]

I Started a new Adventurer game and trained up my throwing to a legendary+7 and collected all the weapons to go with it. walking through town one day i encountered a "you feel uneasy" it turned out to be a vampire lizardman. i killed him and drank his blood... and nothing. i tried again when i encountered another vamp and again... nothing i can't feed off unconscious victims. i still get drowsy. i still need food. i think vamp making is bugged. can someone confirm this please? -Bontrose (talk) 00:23, 4 January 2015 (UTC)

Apparently some vampires have non-infective blood. I just added a bit of information about this to the article. See Bug:9774 for some speculation on possible causes. - 23:52, 22 September 2016 (UTC)

Vampire Size[edit]

I noticed that my vampire dwarves tend to be significantly larger than the average dwarf. The vampires in my fortress, born from before the Age of Myth, are all larger, with the largest at 119,100 cm^3, while the next closest non-vampire dwarf at merely 90,160 cm^3. Can anyone else confirm?

Verify Tags[edit]

There are a few verify tags in this page which don't have discussions for them.

First, the claim that vampires don't show up in seiges, ambushes, or as thieves. I suppose testing this would require engineering an enemy civ with many vampires and observing whether the resulting sieges were vampire-free.

Second is a tag on the claim that they don't claim rooms on their own. This seems to be a straightforward deduction from the fact that they don't do the activities which prompt room claims.

Third is the claim that multiple skills are "The biggest indicator of a vampire in this version" which is just bad phrasing when article content is carried forward into a new version. It's also very arguable that an indicator which could easily produce a false positive is the "biggest."

Fourth, the description of vampires and alcohol dependency. My understanding has been that the messages which appear indicating alcohol withdrawal indicate the real withdrawal which inevitably occurs, but the text reflects a claim found in the bug report that the messages (but not the actual withdrawal) are cleared when a vampire drinks blood.

regarding the third: Agreed; rephrasing "The biggest indicator is" to "A good indicator can be" and dropping the version reference seems fine. As for false positives, I would just mention it as a general warning in the paragraph above. where it says "the more points a dwarf hits, the more likely he is, indeed, a vampire". Something like "but that doesn't mean you can be 100% sure. If it's an important dwarf, make extra sure". CLA (talk) 12:51, 11 December 2015 (UTC)
Some of the indicators on the page as it currently stands are definitely wrong. I just pinned down a vampire in my fortress after his true-name turned up in an engraving, and he has several complaints on his status page about meals and drinks. Geeoharee (talk) 22:08, 10 April 2017 (UTC)


I've done some testing, and as a human vampire I was able to survive 2 months constantly waiting (from the 19th of Slate to the 19th of Hematite) without any blood at all. It seems like blood may be unnecessary for an adventurer vampire to survive, like in Fortress Mode, though my speed was reduced to .833 while walking (2.5 while sprinting) until I fed again.

Vampires assigned to workshop reveal their true name[edit]

When you use the workshop profile to allow only a vampire to work there, the real name is displayed when looking at the workshop. I guess this is a bug.