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Pages that Qualify for Deletion[edit]

  • Fluff: Redirects that aren't used and wouldn't be typed in the search box would be included in this, as would pages with nonsense titles. Basically, any page that has no meaning in and of itself, and is not useful. (Some uses, especially redirects, are not always obvious at first glance. If in doubt, ask on the discussion page.)
  • Superfluous Information: If a page has information already on the wiki, or is generally pointless (e.g. "the current Dwarf Fortress executable is 6 MB!"), then it should be deleted. If such a page also contains information not yet on the wiki, this information should first be moved to the relevant page(s).
  • Images: Images and screenshots should use the default tilesets for clarity. If they do not use the default tileset, they should be replaced and deleted (in that order). Exceptions are pages about tilesets, and story pages like bloodline games.
  • Outdated Information: If it's outdated - update it. Keep the wiki up to date. Pages based entirely in outdated information may qualify for deletion.Verify
  • Research: If a page is nothing but conjecture, it probably does not belong here. If the information can be verified, simply use the {{verify}} template. Also, despite what That Other Wiki says, original research is fine here (tho' having other players duplicate the results first is always better). Just please, say you've done the research on the discussion page, and use {{cite talk}} where applicable.
  • Humor: Pages that are clearly humor oriented are fine. But, in fact-based articles like Dwarf or Summer, humor should be kept to a minimum. Use an appropriate template such as {{D for Dwarf}} if there might be confusion, and do not be surprised if your new "hilarious" elf page is reverted.

Submitting Pages for Deletion[edit]

Put the {{deletion}} or {{del}} template at the top of the page, preferably with a reason included*, and if it breaks the Community Portal rules add [[Category:Pages_that_break_Community_Portal_rules]] to the bottom of the page. Make sure to explain what rules the page is breaking on the discussion page. If you are not sure whether a page qualifies for deletion or not, feel free to ask on the discussion section of the page in question.

(* See deletion for proper usage.)

All questions involving the rules themselves should be directed towards the discussion section of this page.