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This wiki has a new extension: DFDiagram!

This is an expanded (and possibly more efficient) replacement for {{diagram}}. Features include:

  • An unlimited number of diagrams per page ({{diagram}} depends on RegexFunctions, so it is limited by the Regex functions limit)
  • Basic tileset support (transparency and creature graphics don't work, but all of the non-transparent tilesets in the tileset repository should work)
  • Z-levels
  • A variety of new syntax features:
    • Variables
    • Special characters
    • DF-style colors (e.g. 7:0 for light grey)

There are a couple differences between this and {{diagram}}:

  • Colors persist until explicitly changed (use [#] to reset the foreground color):
Code {{diagram}} <diagram>
[#f00]red text
r e d t e x t
red text

See the wiki for more in-depth help.

An example:

This is a sample diagram                 
This diagram has multiple z-levels! Press
< to go up one z-level.                  
This is z-level 1.                        
Here is a dwarf:                         
Here are a lot of dwarves: 
Here is a cat: c                          
Here is a green cat: c                    
Press < to go up one more z-level.        
This is z-level 2.                                                           
Notice how the diagram size changes depending on the content of each z-level.

Lethosor (talk) 19:43, 27 April 2014 (UTC)