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Okay, so we want a better system for talk pages. Briess and I have been kicking around what we've been calling "talk forums" which until now we hadn't really elaborated on, but existed in our heads as some system that is more forum like.

So here's my mock up, in all of it's crayon glory.

My dad's accidental breaking of my scanner earlier today meant I had to take pictures instead. This means I had to ditch my "crayonimation" idea. LAME!

TF Mock1.JPG

So this page above is a pretend version of DF: Versions, the reason why it's that page will become apparent when the user clicks (as you can see the cursor is on the talk page tab).

TF Mock2.JPG

This page then lists all topics that have been started on this talk page tab. I forgot to throw in a new topic button somewhere. Think of the talk page itself acting like a category or sub-forum (or whatever they call them now) in phpbb. The layout isn't what's being mocked-up here, but rather the functionality. Anyways, lets see what happens when we click a topic!

TF Mock3.JPG

Think of this like a phpbb topic itself. Again functionality is what I'm mocking up, not layout.

TF Mock4.JPG

This is the final element to this system. A centralized "talk index".

Think of this like the forum index in phpbb. However, some categories, like "recent topics" are automatically filled with topics from various article's talk pages. They could also potentially fill from topics that are in various article categories. Like every topic from articles within Category: Stone. Other forum categories could be things like the "Secret Admin Forum" which behave (though this one, if it were to exist, I'd imagine would be hidden) much more like the phpbb counterpart.

Anyways, I'm sure I've done an awful job of explaining, so please ask me any questions you have on this page's talk page. Emi [T] 04:59, 3 May 2010 (UTC)