v50 Steam/Premium information for editors
  • v50 information can now be added to pages in the main namespace. v0.47 information can still be found in the DF2014 namespace. See here for more details on the new versioning policy.
  • Use this page to report any issues related to the migration.
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List of partially migrated articles

List of articles needing review

Basic instructions[edit]

  • Check an article to see if it is accurate
  • For the v50 migration, things to keep in mind:
    • Keybinds have changed, so replace the old keybind template (i via {{k|i}}) with the new one (Ui z.pngz via {{Menu icon|z}}).
    • Some skills have changed: Building designer is gone, and Doctor skills/occupations work differently now. Mentions of them may need removal or verification.
    • Some features have been removed. Up-to-date articles shouldn't generally link to anything in Category:Obsolete features.
    • There's generally no need to mention "as of v50" or "unlike in v0.47". That's implied by the article's version.
    • There's no need to necessarily delete images of the old interface; however, pages should have new versions of any interface images before being marked as up-to-date. When adding an image of the new interface, the {{Dual image}} template can be used to allow switching between old and new.
  • For a list of tagged articles, see Category:Migrated pages needing review and Category:Migrated pages with sections needing review