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Hotkey 'h' menu, premium edition

Hotkeys are used to center the screen at a user-defined position or to follow a specific item or units. They can help you keep track of where things are. A maximum of 16 hotkeys are available to use.

For example, it would be smart to make a hotkey for a magma forge on level 122, while the rest of your fortress being on level 1 - 20. This way, you don't have to maniacally mouse wheel downward to reach your forge. Another good example is to hotkey a good mining location in the caverns.


To set a hotkey to zoom to a certain location, enter the hotkey menu at the main menu to bring up the screen. You will then see a menu with all your current hotkeys, but by default - when starting a new game - only the first hotkey, (F1), is set up to center on where the player's embark wagon was.

To set up a hotkey, move your screen to the location you want your hotkey to take you to, and then press the Setentry button.png button that corresponds to the hotkey sequence you'd like to use for that location. Any hotkey can be renamed to the player's liking. The Recenter button.png button can also be clicked to see which location the corresponding hotkey leads to, assuming it was set beforehand.

To use a hotkey, simply press the corresponding F1 ... F8 or Shift + F1 ... F8

As mentioned before, the F1 hotkey starts out set to the position of your wagon, with the name "Wagon arrival location". All other hotkeys are unselected, and have a generic name of "Unnamed recenter location".

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