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Gymnophiona (caecilians)[edit]

Beaked caecilian

Fish caecilian

Red caecilian

Tropical caecilian

Aquatic caecilian

Common caecilian

Forest caecilian

Tiny caecilian

Ringed caecilian

Caudata (salamanders)[edit]

Cryptobranchoidea (giant salamanders)[edit]


Gorgan salamander*

Clawed salamander

Long-tailed salamander

Yellow-spotted salamander

Siberian salamander* (suggested rename: snow or ice salamander)

Ambystomatidae (mole salamanders)[edit]


Tiger salamander

Mole salamander

Blue-spotted salamander / Silvery salamander (multiple species that would be best represented as different castes of one species in DF)

Amphiumidae (amphiumas)[edit]

I don't think we need all three, but I've included all three for reference purposes. The neat thing about these guys is we can give them venemous bites to simulate their infectious ones.

One-toed amphiuma

Two-toed amphiuma

Three-toed amphiuma

Dicamptodontidae (Pacific giant salamanders)[edit]

Coastal salamander

Plethodontidae (lungless salamanders)[edit]

Slender salamander

Web-footed salamander

Splayfoot salamander

Hidden salamander

Bromeliad salamander

Moss salamander

Worm salamander

Minute salamander

Climbing salamander

Dusky salamander


Redback salamander

Slimy salamander

Cave salamander

Blind salamander (Also cave-dwelling.)

Spring salamander

Proteidae (olms)[edit]


Olm (already included)

Rhyacotritonidae (torrent salamanders)[edit]

Torrent salamander

Salamandridae (newts and true salamanders)[edit]

Fire-bellied newt

Smooth newt

Palmate newt

Paddle-tail newt

Warty newt

Ribbed newt

Rough-skinned newt (Secretes strong poison.)

Red-bellied newt (Also poisonous.)

Crested newt

Emperor newt (Also poisonous.)

Fire salamander (Also poisonous.)

Sirenidae (sirens)[edit]

Dwarf siren

Mud eel


Anura (frogs)[edit]

Ascaphidae (tailed frogs)[edit]

Tailed frog

Bombinatoridae (fire-bellied toads)[edit]

Jungle toad

Fire-bellied toad

Discoglossidae (disc-tongued frogs)[edit]

Midwife toad

Painted frog

Leiopelmatidae (New Zealand primitive frogs)[edit]

Potato frog (Name gleaned from species name "pakeka," apparently meaning "potato" in Samoan.)


Tropical spadefoot toad

Long-nosed horned frog

Horned toad

Pelobatidae (European spadefoot toads)[edit]

Common spadefoot toad

Pelodytidae (parsley frogs)[edit]

Parsley frog

Pipidae (clawed frogs)[edit]

Clawed frog

Star-fingered toad

Rhinophrynidae (Mexican burrowing toad)[edit]

Burrowing toad

Scaphiopodidae (American spadefoot toads)[edit]

Grassland spadefoot toad

Amphignathodontidae (marsupial frogs)[edit]

Marsupial frog

Arthroleptidae (squeakers)[edit]

Screeching frog

Night frog

Long-fingered frog

Egg frog

Hairy frog

Forest treefrog

Brachycephalidae (saddleback toads)[edit]

Gold frog

Bufonidae (true toads)[edit]

Stream toad

Stubfoot toad

River toad

Cane toad

Common toad

Plains toad (Added for more desert variety. Can survive in deserts and badlands of all description, even in surprisingly cold ones (Alberta for example).)

Boreal toad

Tree toad

Natterjack toad

Redbelly toad

Live-bearing toad

Bush toad

Flathead toad

Beaked toad

Centrolenidae (glass frogs)[edit]

Glass frog

Dendrobatidae (dart frogs)[edit]

Golden dart frog (The infamous frog used by natives to poison their arrows. Allegedly the deadliest vertebrate on earth.)

Black-legged dart frog (Second deadliest.)

Azure dart frog (Particularly pretty)

Yellow-banded dart frog

Green-and-black dart frog

Harlequin dart frog* (Rather deadly)

Dyeing dart frog (Weirdly, its poison is used to "dye" young parrots' feathers.)

Strawberry dart frog (Red and blue colour morphs - also known adorably as the blue jeans frog)

Phantasmal poison frog (Included due to pharmaceutical interest as a chemical painkiller.)

Heleophrynidae (ghost frogs)[edit]

Ghost frog

Hemisotidae (shovelnose frogs)[edit]

Shovelnose frog

Hylidae (tree frogs)[edit]

Litoria (Australasian tree frogs)[edit]

Broad-palmed frog

Dumpy tree frog

Brown tree frog

Common mist frog

Desert tree frog

Sedge frog

Green bell frog

Warty swamp frog

Laughing tree frog

Creek frog

Waterfall frog

White-lipped tree frog

Hyla (New World tree frogs)[edit]

Common tree frog

Canyon tree frog

Green tree frog

Barking tree frog

Gray tree frog

Pseudacris (chorus frogs)[edit]

Spring peeper

Mountain chorus frog

Boreal chorus frog

Striped chorus frog

Other Hylidae[edit]

Big-eyed tree frog

Red-eyed tree frog (You must have seen this. It's the one on the front of all the nature books.)

Leaf frog

Painted-belly leaf frog

Cricket frog

Slender-legged tree frog

Heart-tongued frog

Spikethumb frog

Swimming frog (Has disproportionately large tadpoles.)

Stream frog

Snouted tree frog

Lime tree frog

Hyperoliidae (bush frogs)[edit]

Banana frog

Running frog

Big-eyed tree frog

Leptodactylidae (tropical frogs)[edit]

Horned frog (Apparently existing since the Cretaceous in the form of the mighty Beelzebufo. The extant Argentine horned frog is apparently capable of swallowing a rat whole.)

Wide-mouth frog

Tink frog (Gigantic genus, may need further representation.)

Ditch frog

Spiny-chest frog


Skeleton frog

Golden frog

Microhylidae (narrow-mouthed frogs)[edit]

Sand rain frog

Tomato frog

Banded bullfrog

Rubber frog

Myobatrachidae (more Australian frogs)[edit]

Tusked frog

Owl frog

Sandpaper frog (Cannibalistic tadpoles.)

Marbled frog

Pobblebonk frog

Striped marsh frog

Painted burrowing frog

Crucifix toad (Bizarrely rotund.)

Ornate burrowing frog

Quacking frog

Common froglet

Barred frog

Corroboree frog (Similar to dart frogs.)


Platypus frog (Also known as gastric-brooding frog because that's what it does.)

Ranidae (true frogs)[edit]

Cascade frog

Hogsback frog (Terrestrial tadpoles.)

Moss frog

Dainty frog

Bicolored frog

Goliath frog

Crab-eating frog (Tolerates salt water.)

Leaping frog

Fanged frog

Torrent frog

Night frog

Puddle frog

Dark-spotted frog

Marsh frog

Pool frog

Dwarf puddle frog

Ridged frog

Box-headed bullfrog

Crawfish frog

Moor frog

Red-legged frog

Yellow-legged frog

Gopher frog


Bronze frog

Agile frog

Pig frog

Spotted frog

Pickerel frog

Mink frog

Wood frog (Capable of surviving being frozen.)

Common frog

Leopard frog

Stream frog

Sand frog

Rhacophoridae (shrub frogs)[edit]

Flying frog (Could represent any species that does this. Tropical forests.)