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Palaeoptera (non-folding-wing insects)[edit]

Ephemeroptera (mayflies)[edit]

Small mayfly

Flat-headed mayfly

Prong-gilled mayfly

Burrowing mayfly

Spiny crawler mayfly

Small squaregill mayfly

Odonata (dragonflies and damselflies)[edit]

Anisoptera (dragonflies)[edit]


Zygoptera (damselflies)[edit]


Neoptera (flexible-winged insects)[edit]

Blattaria (cockroaches)[edit]

Green banana cockroach

Hissing cockroach

Brown-banded cockroach

Wood cockroach

Water cockroach

Brown cockroach

Desert cockroach

Coleoptera (beetles)[edit]


Carabidae (ground beetles)[edit]

Bombardier beetle

Tiger beetle

Sun beetle

Blue ground beetle

Golden ground beetle

Dytiscidae (predaceous diving beetles)[edit]

Diving beetle

Gyrinidae (whirligig beetles)[edit]

Whirligig beetle


Hydroscaphidae (skiff beetles)[edit]

Skiff beetle


No interesting families.


Anobiidae (wood-borer beetles)[edit]

Wood-borer beetle

Bostrichidae (auger beetles)[edit]

Auger beetle

Dermestidae (skin beetles)[edit]

Skin beetle

Cerambycidae (longhorn beetles)[edit]

Longhorn beetle

Chrysomelidae (leaf beetles)[edit]

Leaf beetle

Cleridae (checkered beetles)[edit]

Checkered beetle

Coccinellidae (ladybugs)[edit]


Cucujidae (flat bark beetles)[edit]

Flat bark beetle

Endomychidae (handsome fungus beetles)[edit]

Handsome fungus beetle

Erotylidae (pleasing fungus beetles)[edit]

Pleasing fungus beetle

Nitidulidae (sap beetles)[edit]

Sap beetle

Anthribidae (fungus weevils)[edit]

Fungus weevil

Attelabidae (leaf-rolling weevils)[edit]

Leaf-rolling weevil

Curculionidae (weevils)[edit]


Meloidae (blister beetles)[edit]

Blister beetle (Secretes contact poison that causes blistering.)

Mordellidae (tumbling flower beetles)[edit]

Tumbling flower beetle

Pyrochroidae (fire-coloured beetles)[edit]

Fire-colored beetle

Ripiphoridae (wedge-shaped beetles)[edit]

Wedge-shaped beetle (Parasitic.)

Tenebrionidae (darkling beetles)[edit]

Darkling beetle

Zopherinae (ironclad beetles)[edit]

Ironclad beetle

Buprestidae (jewel beetles)[edit]

Jewel beetle

Heteroceridae (variegated mud-loving beetles)[edit]

Variegated mud-loving beetle

Psephenidae (water-penny beetles)[edit]

Water-penny beetle

Cantharidae (soldier beetles)[edit]

Soldier beetle

Elateridae (click beetles)[edit]

Click beetle

Lampyridae (fireflies)[edit]

Firefly (already included)

Lycidae (net-winged beetles)[edit]

Net-winged beetle

Phengodidae (glowworm beetles)[edit]

Glowworm beetle (Glowworms are the larvae.)

Geotrupidae (dor beetles)[edit]

Dor beetle (Deep burrows.)

Lucanidae (stag beetles)[edit]

Stag beetle

Passalidae (bess beetles)[edit]

Bess beetle

Pleocomidae (rain beetles)[edit]

Rain beetle

Scarabaeidae (scarab beetles)[edit]

Flower chafer beetle

Rhinoceros beetle

Cockchafer beetle (Could go with "spang beetle" for a more G-rated name.)

Summer beetle

Dung beetle

Bee beetle

Trogidae (hide beetles)[edit]

Hide beetle

Histeridae (clown beetles)[edit]

Clown beetle

Hydrophilidae (water scavenger beetles)[edit]

Water scavenger beetle

Leiodidae (round fungus beetles)[edit]

Round fungus beetle

Amber cave beetle

Silphidae (carrion beetles)[edit]

Carrion beetle

Staphylinidae (rove beetles)[edit]

Rove beetle

Dermaptera (earwigs)[edit]


Diptera (flies)[edit]

Nematocera (mosquitoes, crane flies, gnats, and midges)[edit]

Phantom midge


Solitary midge

Black fly

Biting midge

Wood gnat

March fly

Gall gnat

Fungus gnat

Moth fly

Dung midge

Long-bodied crane fly

Snow fly (Flightless, has antifreeze in its blood.)

Hairy-eyed crane fly

Crane fly

Brachycera (other flies)[edit]


Flower-loving fly

Robber fly

Bee fly

Stiletto fly

Dance fly

Long-legged fly

Dagger fly

Small-headed fly


Scuttle fly

Spear-winged fly

Flat-footed fly


Thick-headed fly

Lance fly

Cheese fly (Responsible for the famously disgusting casu marzu.)

Signal fly

Peacock fly

Picture-winged fly

Stilt-legged fly

Stalk-eyed fly (Freaky looking, even for an insect.)

Kelp fly

Ensign fly

Marsh fly

Beetle fly

Leaf-miner fly

Shore fly

Fruit fly

Grass fly


Dung fly


Botfly (Lays eggs in human flesh!)

Flesh fly

Tachinid fly

Tsetse fly

Louse fly


Timber fly

Soldier fly


Snipe fly

Deer fly

Marsh horsefly

Pale horsefly

Striped horsefly

Hymenoptera (wasps, bees, ants, and sawflies)[edit]

Apocrita (wasps, bees, ants)[edit]

Andrenidae (mason bees)[edit]

Sand bee

Apidae (various bees)[edit]

Digger bee



Orchid bee (Atypical bee, often NOT eusocial.)

Stingless bee

Cuckoo bee (Wasp-like in appearance.)

Carpenter bee

Colletidae (plasterer bees)[edit]

Plasterer bee

Halictidae (sweat bees)[edit]

Sweat bee

Megachilidae (leafcutter bees)[edit]

Leafcutter bee

Mason bee

Ampulicidae (cockroach wasps)[edit]

Cockroach wasp

Crabronidae (various wasps)[edit]

Sand wasp

Cicada killer wasp

Aphid wasp

Weevil wasp


Sphecidae (digger wasps)[edit]

Mud dauber

Digger wasp

Chrysididae (cuckoo wasps)[edit]

Cuckoo wasp

Formicidae (ants)[edit]

Erratic ant

Coconut ant

Driver ant

Army ant

Carpenter ant

Mound ant

Black ant

Horse ant

Slavemaker ant

Slave-raider ant

Yellow crazy ant

Yellow meadow ant

Black garden ant

Weaver ant

Crazy ant

Bulldog ant

Leafcutter ant

Acrobat ant

Harvester ant

Red ant

Pharaoh ant*

Marauder ant

Fire ant

Bullet ant (Insanely painful sting used in rite of passage for warriors.)

Jumping ant (Less social than most ants.)

Trap-jaw ant (Fastest jaws in the animal kingdom.)

Mutillidae (velvet ants)[edit]

Velvet ant

Pompilidae (spider wasps)[edit]

Tarantula hawk (Extremely painful sting.)

Tiphiidae (flower wasps)[edit]

Flower wasp

Vespidae (various wasps)[edit]

Potter wasp

Pollen wasp

Paper wasp

Bald-faced hornet

Tiger hornet (Article mentioned name "tiger-head bee.")

Brown hornet

Banded hornet


Agaonidae (fig wasps)[edit]

Fig wasp (Won't make much sense without figs.)

Mymaridae (fairyflies)[edit]

Fairyfly (Smallest insect, maybe too small to include.)

Cynipidae (gall wasps)[edit]

Gall wasp

Evaniidae (hatchet wasps)[edit]

Hatchet wasp

Ichneumonidae (ichneumon wasps)[edit]

Ichneumon wasp

Symphyta (sawflies)[edit]

Cephoidea (stem sawflies)[edit]

Stem sawfly

Pamphiliidae (leaf-rolling sawflies)[edit]

Leaf-rolling sawfly

Orussidae (parasitic wood wasps)[edit]

Parasitic wood wasp

Siricidae (wood wasps)[edit]

Wood wasp

Diprionidae (conifer sawflies)[edit]

Conifer sawfly

Tenthredinidae (common sawflies)[edit]

Common sawfly

Lepidoptera (moths and butterflies)[edit]

Acanthopteroctetidae (archaic sun moths)[edit]

Iridescent sun moth

Adelidae (longhorned fairy moths)[edit]

Fairy moth

Alucitoidea (many-plume moths and fals plume moths)[edit]

Twenty-plume Moth

Bombycoidea (silkworm moths, hawk moths, emperor moths and relatives)[edit]


Silkworm (larva) (silk producer!)

Death's-head Hawkmoth

Pink-Spotted Hawkmoth

Hummingbird Hawk-moth

Lime Hawk-moth

Catalpa Sphinx

Yellow Sphinx

Luna Moth

Luna Caterpillar (larva)

Atlas moth

Emperor gum moth

Emperor Moth

Imperial Moth

Comet moth

Comet moth caterpillar (larva) (Silk producer!)

Cecropia moth

Cecropia caterpillar (larva)

Regal Moth

Hickory Horned Devil (larva)

Moon Moth

Ceciodosidae (gall moths)[edit]

Gall Moth

Cossoidea (carpenterworm moths)[edit]

Carpenterworm Moth

Carpenter Worm (larva)

Goat Moth

Witchetty Moth

Witchetty grub (larva) (it's edible!)

Drepanoidea (hooktip moths and Oriental swallowtail moths)[edit]

Scalloped Hook-tip

Barred Hook-tip

Peach Blossom

Satin Lutestring

Buff Arches

Eriocriniidae (sparkling archaic sun moths)[edit]

Sparkling sun moth

Geometroidea (geometer moths and swallowtail moths)[edit]

Peppered moth

Maiden’s Blush

Cream Wave

Rusty Wave


Feathered Thorn

Emerald Moth

Inchworm (larva)

Gracillarioidea (leafminer moths and relatives)[edit]

Leaf miner (larva)

Hepialoidea (ghost moths and swift moths)[edit]

Ghost Moth

Swift Moth

Orange Moth

Hesperiidae (skippers)[edit]

Common Awl

Small Green Awlet

Plain Orange Awlet

Pale Green Awlet

Orange Striped Awl

(There is a type of 'skipper' commonly called 'policemen'. Unfortunately Wikipedia has little info on these. Shame.)

Heterobathmiidae (Valdivian archaic moths)[edit]

Metallic sun moth

Lasiocampoidea (lappet moths)[edit]

Lappet moth

Lackey moth

Tent Caterpillar (larva) (silk producer!)

Lycaenidae (gossamer-winged butterflies, hairstreaks, blues and coppers)[edit]

Leaf Blue Butterfly

Small Blue Butterfly

Large Blue Butterfly

Great Purple Hairstreak Butterfly

Small Copper Butterfly

Common Copper Butterfly

Large Copper Butterfly

Harvester Butterfly (predatory larvae)

Bright Sunbeam Butterfly

Megalopygidae (flannel moths)[edit]

Flannel moth

Tree asp (larva)

Nepticulidae (pygmy moths)[edit]

Pygmy Sorrel Moth

Noctuidea (owlet moths, tiger moths, prominent moths and relatives)[edit]

Black Witch Moth

Gypsy moth

Bollworm (larva)

Armyworm (larva)

Cutworm (larva)

Oak Processionary

Angle Shades

Tussock moth


Cinnabar moth

Striped Tiger Moth

Garden tiger moth

Scarlet tiger moth

Giant Leopard Moth

Wooly Bear (larva)

Pine Beauty

Rustic Shoulder-knot

True Lover's Knot's_Knot

Copper Underwing

Nymphalidae (browns, fritillaries, admirals and monarchs)[edit]

Tortoiseshell Butterfly


Crimson Patch Butterfly

Marsh Fritillary

Monarch butterfly (already included)

Monarch butterfly caterpillar

Painted Lady

Peacock Butterfly

Red Admiral Butterfly

Papilionidae (swallowtail butterflies)[edit]

Anise Swallowtail

Black Swallowtail

Black Swallowtail caterpillar (larva)

Giant Swallowtail

Common Yellow Swallowtail

Zebra Swallowtail

Tiger Swallowtail (These look a lot like anise swallowtails, but their caterpillars are awesome.)

Tiger Swallowtail Caterpillar (larva)

Pieridae (yellow-white butterflies and sulphurs)[edit]

Brimstone Butterfly

Clouded Brimstone Butterfly

Dogface Butterfly

Clouded Yellow

Small White Butterfly

Large White Butterfly

Prodoxidae (yucca moths)[edit]

Yucca Moth

Pterophoridae (plume moths)[edit]

Artichoke Plume Moth

White Plume Moth

Pyraloidea (snout moths and relatives)[edit]

Pod Borer (larva)

Wax moth

Riodinidae (metalmark butterflies)[edit]

Harlequin Butterfly

Chequered Metalmark Butterfly* (*Proposed name in lieu of 'Duke of Burgundy')

Sesioidea (clearwing moths and relatives)[edit]

Fiery Clearwing

Tineoidea (clothes moths, bagworms and relatives)[edit]

Bagworm (larva)

Clothing Moth

Toitricidae (leafroller moths; you find them in apples)[edit]

Codling moth

Apple worm (larva)

Pea Moth

Yponomeutoidea (ermine moths and relatives)[edit]

Diamondback moth

Ermine moth

Webworm (larva) (silk producer! See

Zygaenoidea (burnet moths and relatives)[edit]

Almond-tree leaf skeletonizer moth

Forester moth

Six-Spot Burnet

Five-spot Burnet

Transparent Burnet

Monkey Slug (larva)

Yellow-shouldered slug (larva)

Saddleback caterpillar (larva)

Mantodea (mantises)[edit]

Dwarf mantis

Stick mantis

Monster mantis

Thistle mantis

Shield mantis

Wide-armed mantis

Flower mantis

Dead leaf mantis

Conehead mantis

Bark mantis

Jade mantis

Orchid mantis

Devil's flower mantis

Iris mantis

Ground mantis

Praying mantis

Metallic mantis

Boxer bark mantis

Ghost mantis

Marbled mantis

Cryptic mantis

Orthoptera (grasshoppers and crickets)[edit]

Prophalangopsidae (grigs)[edit]

Hump-winged grig

Rhaphidophoridae (cave crickets)[edit]

Cave cricket

Gryllotalpidae (mole crickets)[edit]

Mole cricket

Schizodactylidae (dune crickets)[edit]

Dune cricket

Anostostomatidae (wetas)[edit]


Stenopelmatidae (Jerusalem crickets)[edit]

Potato bug

Tettigoniidae (katydids)[edit]


Acrididae (grasshoppers)[edit]


Romaleidae (lubber grasshoppers)[edit]

Lubber grasshopper

Tetrigidae (pygmy locusts)[edit]

Pygmy locust

Phasmatodea (stick insects)[edit]


Thysanoptera (thrips)[edit]