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Bivalvia (bivalves)[edit]

Giant clam*


Thorny oyster

Common oyster (Catch-all for generic food oysters.)

Pearl oyster

Quahog (Catch-all for generic marine clams.)

Freshwater clam (Catch-all clam species for freshwater clams.)

Razor clam

Zebra mussel

Flame scallop

Bay scallop

Common scallop (Catch-all for generic scallops.)

Pen shell

Frond oyster

Cephalopoda (cephalopods)[edit]

Nautilida (nautiluses)[edit]


Sepiida (cuttlefish)[edit]

Striped pajama squid

Flamboyant cuttlefish's_Flamboyant_Cuttlefish

Broadclub cuttlefish

Common cuttlefish

Pharaoh cuttlefish

Sepiolida (bobtail squid)[edit]

Pygmy squid

Bobtail squid


Ram's horn squid

Teuthida (true squid)[edit]

Opalescent squid

Arrow squid

Common squid

Reef squid

Giant squid*

Whiplash squid

Colossal squid*

Firefly squid

Armhook squid

Bigfin squid

Octopus squid

Red devil squid

Flying squid

Clubhook squid

Glacial squid

Fire squid

Diamond squid

Octopoda (octopuses)[edit]

Veined octopus

Giant octopus*

Blue-ringed octopus (Very venomous.)

Two-spot octopus

Reef octopus

Day octopus

Pygmy octopus

Red octopus

Common octopus

Mimic octopus (perhaps different castes for its different mimics?)

Wonderpus octopus

Seven-arm octopus

Paper nautilus

Vampyromorphida (vampire squid)[edit]

Vampire squid

Gastropoda (gastropods)[edit]

Scaly-foot Gastropod (May I suggest Iron Snail as a better name? Possibly the most dwarvenly mollusk ever.)


Nudibranch (There are many different types of dorids and nudibranchs with very different colors and patterns, possibly as castes)

Sea swallow

Pink cowry

Serpent's-head cowry

Leopard slug


Black slug

Ghost slug

Banana slug

Apple snail

Trumpet snail

Pond snail

Map cowry

Reticulated cowry

Gray cowry

Garden snail

Giant snail*

Queen conch


Tulip snail

Trumpet conch

Flamingo tongue (The spots are part of a skin that covers the shell, but the shell itself is white.)

Polyplacophora (chitons)[edit]

Gumboot chiton

Butterfly chiton

Fuzzy chiton

Slender chiton

Spiny chiton (Based on A. spinosa. No common name, made one up.)

Red chiton

Lined chiton

Scaphopoda (tusk shells)[edit]

Tusk shell