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DF: Deserted Squad[edit]

DF: Deserted Squad is a reincarnation of a much earlier project by bmmodder. In this mod, the player controls a group of seven dwarves that have been sent to eliminate a troublesome kobold pack. Soon, word reaches the mountainhome that the squad was killed after they fall off the wagon, so to speak. Therefore, the player cannot trade with the dwarven capitol and they cannot receive immigrants. There is another, rather new development to this plot. The dwarves cannot dig, due to the lack of picks.

New Creatures[edit]

  • Dracons-a descendant of a sorcerer or sorceress

that has learned how to assume the form of a dragon. They have all the powers of dragoons, including flight.

  • Sorcerer-a wizard that has taken a fancy

towards the darker arts.

  • Wizard-a super powerful human, the wizards

can manipulate the world so as to accomplish their ends.

  • Deathwing-a large creature with no arms or legs,

the Deathwing is often associated with terror and painful death.

  • Golden Dracon-an older generation of dracon,

these individuals are larger than their brethren and have much greater strength.

  • Plus a few, hidden surprises.

New Plants[edit]

  • Goldenberry-a variety of the poisonberry.

Its poison is rather weak.

  • Violetberry-a variety of the poisonberry,

the Violetberry has medium-strength poison.

  • Chasmberry-only found in the caverns of the world,

the Chasmberry's poison is so strong that one vial can take down a dragon.

New Buildings[edit]

  • Poison Press-a workshop where the infamous

Poisonberry's juice can be extracted.

  • Arrow Bench-a workshop where arrows and bolts can

be coated with poison from the infamous Poisonberry.

  • Book Bench-a workshop where books are printed and bound.
  • binding chamber-a workshop that infuses metal with other metal to create strong alloys

New Weapons[edit]

  • Poison-tipped bolts
  • Staff
  • Crystal Sword

New Metals[edit]

  • Night crystal-found deep in the underground,

Night crystal is sharper than steel and lighter than adamantine. It is perfect for edged weapons.

  • Shadow crystal-found inside obsidian, Shadow crystal is

heavy and cannot hold an edge. It is best for blunt weapons.

  • Star crystal-found within tigereye clusters,

Star crystal is lightweight, but cannot hold an edge. It is better-suited for armour.

New Accessories[edit]

  • Scabbard-a sheath for a sword.
  • Sword belt-a combination of a scabbard and a pack.

Release Schedule[edit]

  • Release 1-Swarm beetles, new species of dragon, book bench and binding chamber
  • Release 2-Storm beetles, basilisks, two additional varieties of dragon
  • Release 3-Sand beetles, last species of basilisk and dragon, subterranean humans and elves, dracons
  • Release 4-golden dracons, poisonberries, deathwings
  • Release 5-wizards, sorcerers, staves

Other Versions[edit]

There is a second project that has been undertaken by bmmodder, under the title, "DFDS: Hell Unleashed.