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Urist likes oaks for their acorns.

Wet Dry
Deciduous Yes
Density 700
Max trunk height 8
Max trunk diameter 1
Trunk branching 2
Heavy branch radius 1
Branch radius 2
Root radius 3
Heavy branch density 25
Branch density 50
Root density 5
Wood Oak
Nut Acorn
Seed Properties
Edible Yes
Cookable Yes

Wikipedia article

This article is about the current version of DF.

The oak is a type of above ground tree found in any temperate broadleaf forest. Like the overwhelming majority of overland trees, oak wood is brown and produces brown products.

Oaks are notable for producing extreme amounts of wood logs when cut down. A fully-grown oak can produce at least 30 logs per tree, going over 40 at times, and can actually beat out the highwood for wood production. The only problems are that, only growing in temperate broadleaf forests, they are frequently crowded in by other types of trees, and that it will be hard to find a use (or stockpile space) for all the logs one produces.

Their acorns are also edible and extremely plentiful, although they are not brewable, and temperate broadleaf forests have plenty of fruit-bearing trees. You may want to harvest the oaks for wood, and keep the persimmon and cherry trees for fruits.

Some dwarves like oaks for their acorns and their autumn coloration.

"Oak" in other Languages Books-aj.svg aj ashton 01.svg
Dwarven: kin
Elvish: lulo
Goblin: osô
Human: ecen
Admired for its acorns.