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The Objects status screen contains four tabs (Artifacts, Symbols, Named objects, and Written content), each of which is a list of special, named, or unique items.

Each list entry contains the following columns (from left to right):

  • An image of the item.
  • The name of the item and its translation.
  • Buttons to go to the item's location or open its item sheet, if applicable.
  • The entity that claims the object, if applicable.

Artifacts tab[edit]

Main article: Legendary artifact

Symbols tab[edit]

Symbols are items given to nobles in the Nobles and administrators screen. They may be artifacts, or they may be other items, but will always be named (giving a noble a symbol includes naming the item if not already named).

Named objects tab[edit]

This tab lists all named, non-artifact items in your fortress. This may include non-artifact items also in the Symbols Tab.

Written content tab[edit]

Main article: Book

Written content never has a claimant, so the last column will be empty. Typically, the work's translated name will be the same as its original name, with a few exceptions. The list will only include original works, not copies. While the majority of written content will be scrolls and quires/codices, other objects, such as slabs containing the secrets of life and death can be included.