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This page is intended to collect any interesting or insightful quotes by Toady One or ThreeToe have made about their thoughts on Dwarf Fortress, their long-term plans, and so forth, in the hope that such quotes won't get lost in the shuffle of the forum.

Of course, many of these quotes were likely just offhand remarks, and older ones may reflect ideas that have changed, so don't take this as the Word of Armok. But for fans of Dwarf Fortress, it can be fun and interesting to read, can't it?

If you add something, provide links to where the quote is from, and describe the context if it's necessary.


On the setting[edit]

  • As far as magic goes, underneath, it's all the same -- like a debugging option with some in-play queue that lets you change things for no reason. You don't need to worry so much about the implementation -- as much as we have one now, I don't really want a stock universe. The things we have now, like Blizzard Men, are mostly there to make sure that special properties are implemented. Then the random generation can begin. We don't want another cheap fantasy universe, we want a cheap fantasy universe generator. A lot of fiction sounds computer generated anyway. Toady, August 12, 2006

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