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Human citizens picking fruit from trees.

Stepladders are tools used to harvest fruit from trees. If a fruit-bearing tree is located in a plant gathering zone, a dwarf will automatically fetch and place a stepladder under it. Stepladders can be placed anywhere (they don't need to lean on a trunk) and allow a dwarf to grab fruit from up to two z-levels above ground. The dwarf doing the gathering will simply drop the fruit to the ground—he will not interrupt his work to haul it to a food stockpile. Any passing dwarf, meanwhile, can collect the fruit and haul it away.

Stepladders can be made from wood by a carpenter at a carpenter's workshop or metal by a metalcrafter at a forge. Stepladders can be stored in furniture stockpiles that have the "other large tools" type enabled, and are managed from the tools section of the stocks screen.


Stepladders are constructed of either wood or metal:

Material Worker Workshop
Wood (1 log) Carpenter Carpenter's workshop
Metal (2 bars) Metal crafter Metalsmith's forge or Magma forge

Forging and melting[edit]

  • Metal stepladders cost two metal bars to forge, or six adamantine wafers.
  • When a non-adamantine metal stepladder is melted down, it will return 1.8 metal bars, for an efficiency of 90%.
  • When an adamantine stepladder is melted down, it will produce 1.8 wafers, for an efficiency of 30%.

Adventurer Mode[edit]

These can be constructed from Carpentry and used by standing on the same tile and using the hold key to climb up and down.


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Certain dwarves involved in the justice system are known to debate with others about whether to call these items "ladders" or "stepladders". Dwarves engaged in these arguments are commonly accused of "making judgements based on narrow-minded cultural assumptions."