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This utility page is about v0.47.05, the current version of DF.
Stonesense screen.png

Stonesense is a 3D visualizer utility for Dwarf Fortress, implemented as a DFHack plugin, that lets you view your Dwarf Fortress world in a classic isometric perspective.

There is an official thread for feedback, questions, requests or bug reports. There is also a thread dedicated to screenshots taken using Stonesense.

For Users[edit]

Stonesense is distributed as part of DFHack, and included in the Lazy Newb Pack. The standard function (dfhack "stonesense") opens a separate viewer window, which has read-only access to the game. It can follow the game view, or be moved independently.

As of June 2014, it is also possible to use Stonesense as a live overlay of the map in the main Dwarf Fortress window, replacing the usual 2D tiles. The DFHack command for this is "stonesense overlay", but print mode must not be set to "TWBT" for this to run. For best results, edit [segmentsize_z:2] in init.txt, and if you are unable to see the edges of the map with the overlay active, try also decreasing or increasing the [segmentsize_XY] - normal values are 50 to 80 depending on screen resolution.

These lists of key bindings are not exhaustive. The most up-to-date and complete list can be found at the Stonesense Github page. The config file may also be edited to add additional keybindings to Stonesense.

For modders and developers[edit]

  • If you just want to add existing content: The Stonesense Content Repository contains content packs that allow you to extend Stonesense functionality. These packs are made by members of the DF community.
  • If you want to create your own content: You can learn how to create custom content for Stonesense at Utility:Stonesense/Adding_Content
  • If you want to tweak Stonesense's source code : Stonesense is one of the many DFHack plugins. It comes with DFHack's source code, and if you manage to compile DFHack, then you've managed to compile Stonesense.


  • Stonesense was written by Jonask, peterix, kaypy and Japa.
  • Lead graphic development was done by Solifuge.
  • Dfhack library was written by peterix.
  • Additional Graphics and code were contributed by many many people, including (in alphabetical order):
    • 7¢ Nickel, BatCountry, Belal, DeKaFu, Dante, Deon, dyze, Errol, fifth angel, frumpton, IDreamOfGiniCoeff, Impaler, Japa, jarathor, Jiri Petru, Lord Nightmare, McMe, Mike Mayday, Nexii Malthus, peterix, Seuss, soup, Talvara, winner, Xandrin.

(This list is not rigorously updated)