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Please do not add content specific to v50 (the new DF premium release) yet! We are working on a migration that will be complete in the next few days. Adding content for v0.47 or to other pages is still encouraged.

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If you want to write a tutorial: Awesome! Please have a look at which categories are lacking (or empty! *gasp*) and consider making one for those. Or if you want, create a new category entirely! Just try to keep the categories simple- remember, people who have never played this game are going to read this page.
The version should best be 0.31 - most new people will probably start with it, and we have many 40d guides but few for 0.31. There's also some pesky 0.31 things] that even veterans have trouble with.
If you are confused about format, write it as a step by step how to guide (or video series). Explain exactly how to do each thing, remember to use the {{k|}} tag: Don't tell them to dig a channel, tell them to dig a channel!

Hopefully it's clear what I was shooting for. Please add tutorials in the appropriate sections, unfortunately I am not familiar with them. It would be great if they had the proper {{v|}} tag at the end.

This should be the kind of page that you can show your friend who hasn't once played DF, and he'll be able to figure everything out on his own without much headache.

My post where I discussed creating this page.--Ar-Pharazon 18:37, 28 May 2010 (UTC)

sdl version on mac[edit]

I am on a mac osx running 10.5.8(leopard) and have tried 3 times to run the new sdl version of dwarf fortress, i ran older versions just fine. when i open the file downloaded from the official site it says unarchiving and gives me a file that looks like normal df package contents except there is no way to run. what am i doing wrong?

I had a problem like this. There should be a file called df in the folder. Running that will run the game. --Calculator 20:15, 23 July 2010 (UTC)