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This is an extended version of {{edit}}, supporting other actions (history, purge, etc.). It essentially removes the arrow by an internal link that appears as external (for example, links to edit an article).

For more information, see the MediaWiki manual.

Note that, when updating pages, "purge" should be used on the including page, not the page being transcluded.


{{Action|action|page|link title|pl=yes/no}}


  • "action" is a valid action
  • "page" is optional - to skip this, just use a double bar, like this: {{action|edit||...}}
  • "link title", the text displayed for the link, is also optional - if it is not specified, it defaults to the "action"
  • Adding |pl=no will show an arrow next to the link. Only use this if you're sure you need it.

Note: if you need more options specified in the URL, simply specify them in the first parameter. You may need to use {{=}} to escape = characters.


{{action|edit&section{{=}}new|Template talk:Action|New talk section}}

New talk section