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See Template:BiomeColor3 for subtypes.





Temperate Freshwater Swamp

Temperate Saltwater Swamp

Temperate Freshwater Marsh

Temperate Saltwater Marsh

Tropical Freshwater Swamp

Tropical Saltwater Swamp

Mangrove Swamp

Tropical Freshwater Marsh

Tropical Saltwater Marsh


Temperate Coniferous Forest

Temperate Broadleaf Forest

Tropical Coniferous Forest

Tropical Dry Broadleaf Forest

Tropical Moist Broadleaf Forest

Temperate Grassland

Temperate Savanna

Temperate Shrubland

Tropical Grassland

Tropical Savanna

Tropical Shrubland


Rocky Wasteland

Sand Desert

Tropical Ocean

Temperate Ocean

Arctic Ocean

Temperate Freshwater Pool

Temperate Brackish Pool

Temperate Saltwater Pool

Tropical Freshwater Pool

Tropical Brackish Pool

Tropical Saltwater Pool

Temperate Freshwater Lake

Temperate Brackish Lake

Temperate Saltwater Lake

Tropical Freshwater Lake

Tropical Brackish Lake

Tropical Saltwater Lake

Temperate Freshwater River

Temperate Brackish River

Temperate Saltwater River

Tropical Freshwater River

Tropical Brackish River

Tropical Saltwater River

Subterranean Water

Subterranean Chasm

Subterranean Lava

Any Ocean

Any Lake

Any Temperate Lake

Any Tropical Lake

Any River

Any Temperate River

Any Tropical River

Any Pool

Any Temperate

Any Tropical

Any Forest

Any Shrubland

Any Grassland

Any Savanna

Any Temperate Forest

Any Tropical Forest

Any Temperate Broadleaf

Any Tropical Broadleaf

Any Wetland

Any Temperate Wetland

Any Tropical Wetland

Any Tropical Marsh

Any Temperate Marsh

Any Tropical Swamp

Any Temperate Swamp

Any Desert