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Used for linking to bugs on the Bug Tracker

See also Category:References to fixed bugs


The first parameter is the number of the bug on the bug tracker. Leading 0's aren't necessary.



An optional parameter is a link to the workaround. This should be used temporarily, while the bug is not fixed. If the bug is fixed, remove it from the article. (Rule T)

Note that this parameter is named. You need to use workaround=http://..., not just the link as the second parameter.


Bug:6290 (Workaround)

If the workaround is listed in the comments of the bug report, use


Bug:1 (Workaround in comments)

Linking to an article's "bugs" section[edit]

Some articles have a separate section for bugs. Using this template without a bug number will link to that section. For example,


produces this: Bug If the section title containing bugs is something other than "Bugs", specify this in the section parameter.


produces this: Bug (this should jump to the Usage section of this documentation, which does not actually contain bugs).


This is a sample section, which would contain bugs in a real article. It is here to serve as an example for linking to the bugs section.