v50 Steam/Premium information for editors
  • v50 information can now be added to pages in the main namespace. v0.47 information can still be found in the DF2014 namespace. See here for more details on the new versioning policy.
  • Use this page to report any issues related to the migration.
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Add {{deletion}} or {{del}} to the top of a page to mark it for deletion. The template will display a warning and add the page to Category:Deletion for an admin to review.

Adding a pipe (|) after either command will change the default text to appear instead as the editor's "reasoning" for the deletion.
There is no need to type a period at the end of the reasoning, as a period is already provided in the template.

For example, {{del|This is a sample deletion request}} will appear as...


{{Wrong namespace}}, for use on a page in an incorrect namespace