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{{nsv}} is the inverse of {{ns}}—it takes a namespace and returns the corresponding version.




  • 1 — Namespace (DF2014, v0.34, DF2012, v0.31, DF2010, 40d, 23a). Putting a nonexistent namespace in the first parameter or leaving it in blank will result in this error message: Error: Namespace not found. If the parameter is not included at all, it returns the most recent version of the game instead.
  • title — Displays a leading "v" or "DF " in front of the version number. Case insensitive.
    • "v" — Accepts version, ver, or v.
    • "DF " — Accepts dwarf fortress, dwarffortress, or df.


* {{nsv|DF2012}}
* {{nsv|v0.31}}
* {{nsv|40d|title=Dwarf Fortress}}
* {{nsv|23a|title=v}}
* {{nsv}} (equivalent to {{Current/version}})
  • 0.34.11
  • 0.31.25
  • DF
  • v0.23.130.23a
  • 0.47.04 (equivalent to 0.47.04)