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Tutorial Talk:Powerplay Guide

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On Toughness for Adventurers[edit]

I have an adventurer that started with Superior Toughness and had wrestled with cattle until all his physical Attributes had reached the maximum value. On his description, it was stated that he was "basically unbreakable". So, after turning into a vampire necromancer, he went on a quest to raid a Dark Fortress out of its stolen artifacts.

Inside and deep down the fortress, during his onslaught against countless waves of rabid beak dogs, one of the beasts had charged against him. Taking the blow and tumbling backwards, he fell into a deep pit, falling for a considerable amount of frames, surely down over 20 vertical levels. Based on my previous experiences I thought he was dead for sure. However, upon landing down the cave floor, he was completely unscathed; the reports saying that his armor and clothing took the force of the impact (surprisingly, no armor nor clothing was damaged at all). Dumbstruck, but in perfect shape, he strapped his arms to his body and climbed the very pit that he fell into, and it was a very long climb.

I believe that this had something to do with his Toughness level, given that a previous vampire necromancer adventurer did not have so much luck when he fell into a pit, having broken all his limbs, shattering his rib cage and penetrating his lungs.

There are other things to consider: he was a Legendary armor user, clad in full iron armor (only two of his three mail shirts were made out of bronze and copper, however). He also had a tall physical stature.

I believe that if you're going to powerplay Adventure mode, you're going to want to storm a Dark Fortress or the deep underground, exposing yourself to the risk of falling a great fall. It's quite uncommon, but it could end an adventure, very anti-climatic-ly so. AcePleiades (talk) 12:58, 23 June 2018 (UTC)

On Dual Wielding[edit]

This article claims that dual wielding is useless compared to weapon and shield. I beg to differ for the following reasons:

- You can hold a weapon and shield in each hand by 1) pressing "g" to grab and hold one weapon in each hand, 2) pressing "q" to strap them to the upper body, 3) pressing "g" to grab and hold one shield in each hand, 4) pressing "q" to strap them to the upper body, 5) pressing "q" to wield your weapons again (you will be notified that you don't have free grasp for the shields), 6) pressing "r" to remove each shield respectively, resulting in them being grasped by your hands. This is likely to be a bug.

- If you're fighting against an armed opponent, you can parry with your weapons, and it appears to be just as effective as blocking. You can even swat away projectiles fired against you. The downside, however, is that you can not parry unarmed attacks.

- Having two weapons in hand increases the likelihood of viable "chance attacks" (the ones with a blue exclamation mark besides them when you're selecting an attack) to appear. This is especially frequent if the weapon has multiple lethal ways to attack, such as the halberd. Chance attacks are effective against enemies with high Dodger skill, such as demons.

- As stated in the article, when one of your weapons is lodged, you can still strike with another. As the article acknowledges this advantage, it is contradictory to recommend so strongly not to dual wield weapons. AcePleiades (talk) 12:58, 23 June 2018 (UTC)

On Waterskins[edit]

Not sure if the author of this article is aware, but you don't have to lug around massive amounts of water to keep your thirst quenched. All you have to do, is when your waterskin only has one unit of water, you (d)rop the water. This creates a puddle, where you can simply refill your waterskin full, and you can also drink from that puddle.

Antmans and elephantmans[edit]

Antmans can wear four weapons, not only two. Elephantmans can use all weapons one handed. Queen antwoman is probably best for adventure mode.