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Just someone who's been playing Dwarf Fortress occasionally for a few years. This wiki has been a big help to my gameplay. I made this account so I can contribute when I have something to contribute.

I'm not a super experienced writer, wiki-editor, or DF player, so please feel free to leave a note on my talk page to help improve my editing.

Some editing notes as I learn[edit]

  • Minor edits: Minor edits are edits that do not change the meaning of the page. Usually these are only spelling/grammar or formatting improvements, or extremely obvious factual errors. Any edit that changes the meaning of a page, even if it's a change of only a single letter, should probably not be marked as minor. See the mediawiki guide on when to use the minor edit flag. (At least, this is what the mediawiki standard is. If there is a different standard on this wiki I hope someone will tell me or I'll eventually look in the right place to find the guideline for here.)