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About FJH:

FJH first heard about Dwarf Fortress on English imageboard 4Chan in a once-ago thread on its /jp/ board, in 2006. There was a thread that touted the legendary Boatmurdered, but he wouldn't actually read the tale until a year later, when another thread surfaced. He only started playing Dwarf Fortress late 2008, quickly mowing through five fortresses trying to reconcile the minimalist menu system with the wiki at first. Uphill battle even for someone who managed to navigate the text-based adventure game generation that most people have missed. It wasn't until after discovering Captn Duck's Dwarf Fortress Tutorial videos on Youtube that the game began to make enough sense. It still took a throw-away to realize the difference between "dug" stairs and "built" stairs.

FJH likes blueprinting more complicated parts of his fortresses before sending the miners off to stumble upon demon pits and he likes designing multi-story chambers that go unappreciated by his Dwarves. In fact, a lot of hard work occurs on the said scratch paper. He favors a collapse-the-floor technique to mining-out multiple levels at once at the cost of insane planning and an elevated mortality rate. Externally, fortresses tend to sport elaborately built eyesores as their castle defenses; FJH builds walls too thick and high. He tends to over-produce food and drinks by accident but rarely winds-up in prosperous metalworking situations. The bane of his existence is turtle shells and the resource-collection algorithm that calculates distances regardless of walls and floors.

About the only thing FJH does correctly consistently is design stairwells that comply with all safety codes and he is extremely cautious around lava. He has a soft spot for designing hallway moats.

About Other:

His real name is Jason, age 25. He lives on the east coast United States, the state dignified landfill of New Jersey and he doesn't notice the smell. He graduated college in 2007 with a Bachelor in Computer Science and is currently UNEMPLOYED, averaging five job submissions a day, three-four job call-backs a month, less than one interview a month. No, those are not accurate statistics. He has not done any programming work on Dwarf Fortress and only uses graphical mods. He is currently working on a Java program utilizing Java3D on his own time; there may be a tab on it after enough work is done to show for.

FJH enjoys playing older PC games ...

  • The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall
  • Total Annihilation
  • X-Com: UFO Defense

... and such freeware games as

  • Dwarf Fortress(obviously)
  • Spelunky

He is a major fan of The Elder Scrolls, Fallout, SimCity, and Myst series. He will play first person shooters, but is not much of a fan of the genre, but he firmly avoids MMO games for their timesink qualities. He is an old Sonic the Hedgehog fan of the SatAM variety. In TV matters, he shies away from reality TV, reality TV-like gameshows, and most contemporary comedy sitcoms, but is a fan of western- and eastern-styled cartoons (preferring subtitled, in the latter's case), science fiction, and documentaries. He prefers long well-structured arcs over episodic content, or a healthy mix of the two, or that preference can be drowned-out completely by turning the level of symbolism and mindscrew up to maximum. He keeps his footprint on the Internet muted and difficult to trace intentionally. He is one of few people who does not have a Facebook page, not a Livejournal journal, does not use Twitter, does not blog, does not own a Blackberry, iPhone, or any kind of palm pilot-tech, uses his cellphone exclusively to make phone calls, does not even own an iPod, has watched neither Survivor nor 24, and can say all that with some form of pride.

He commonly feels like he was thrown from the caboose of the train his generation was riding. That can also be said with some form of pride.

He is deadpan sarcastic, not all of it intentional, but also is very organized and analytical to a fault. His views encroach sometimes upon objectivism, sometimes upon pragmatism.

If he ever starts referring to something called "the Epic," just nod and disregard his ramblings. If you should start talking about ancient cultures, programming, or the Touhou Project series, he will go insane with enthusiasm in which case you should also disregard his ramblings.

He tends to speak in third person and make obvious observations.