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My forts[edit]

I get bored and distracted easily so I end up continually starting new fortresses.

Current fort[edit]

Redpages - My first serious fort in 31.0X (although I had one earlier attempt that lasted about a year before a mysterious crash bug set in). The concept is a fort whose only entrance is in the side of a cliff, overlooking a river.

Old forts[edit]

Wadedcastles v2 - This is my second attempt at building an aboveground fort made up of buildings connected by bridges sitting in a constructed lake. I never finished it due to a lapse of interest in DF

Wadedcastles - This was going to be a theme fort until poor planning, repeated goblin sieges and tantrum spirals caught up with me. I decided to start over rather than try and fix it.

Bootshoved - This one was going great, until I had a stupid problem that turned out to be entirely my fault. By the time I figured it out I'd started another fort.

Lanternsplattered - Just got bored of this one.

Booksquid the Purple Greennessess of Nudity - My first fort in the Z-axis version.

Other stuff[edit]

Random page, DF2010 only

Pages to work on[edit]