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Hi! I'm JubalHarshaw ...

A relatively new Dwarf Fortress player, I just recently built my first 50+ population fortress.

And then realized it was 5am and that I should go to sleep. :)

I'm active on a number of wikis, and even admin level on a few of them. So I thought I'd come help out here. Mainly I will be focused on general cleanup tasks, standardization, grammar, etc. I'll actually add real content when and if I discover some that isn't already in place!

Any opportunity to disparage the elves should be taken. I hate them in World of Warcraft, and I hate them in Dwarf Fortress. The entire Lord of the Rings saga could have been avoided if Elrond would have just grown a set of nuts and pushed Isildor, One Ring and all, right into the lava at the outset. In DF, their caravans are only good for raiding, their human lackeys who siege only good for slaughter or imprisonment, and the trees only good for harvest.

For more info about me[edit]