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Strike the earth!

I'm Libelnon - relative newbie to both the game and this wiki. Although I suppose I'm a little revolutionary in my ideas... I tend to build my fortresses above ground, using plenty of marksdwarves patrolling the rooftops in search of trouble. Oh, and a couple hammerers and a speardwarf or two in the gatehouse, to really deter those annoying macaques!

Info: Projects[edit]

After giving up on the story of Idenoshar, I haven't really played much DF of late. I'm returning to far more usual fortress designs and layouts, and looking further into the merperson breeding ideas, incredibly complex traps and the like.


Placeholder for future trap ideas and layouts.


Placeholder for data on merpeople breeding and utilisation.


This is a list of all of my fortresses, ongoing or ruined. Organised like a long Bloodlines game, compressed into one large chunk.

Project Paradise[edit]

Placeholder for info on 'Project Paradise', a Dwarven Arcology (of sorts) built entirely into the mountainside... complete with hunting grounds.