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Markavian has been ecstactic lately. He met a girl and took her to the park recently. He was blinded by sunshine recently. He met a catgirl recently. He made a new friend recently. He has complained about the cold lately. He talked with a friend recently. He lost a friend recently. He made a new friendly recently. He admired a fine wiki lately. He was pleased to produce a worthwhile tool recently. He has suffered minor wounds recently. He slept in a proper bed lately. He enjoyed a modest cup of tea lately. He is toiling away at secret projects and scheming fortress designs.

He is an ardent worshiper of Asuka. He is a citizen of the City of Manchester. He is the manager of the DFMA.

Markavian likes Sandstone, Obsidian, Anime, pencil sketches, colourful artwork, orange cloth and comfy sofas. When possible, he prefers to consume cow cheese, pig, mixed veles, bananas and Polish vodka. He absolutely detests pop singers, and will fight them to the death.

He has a calm demeanor. He rarely feels discouraged. He can handle stress. He is not very active. He likes to perfect current skills. He is trusting. He finds helping others rewarding. He finds immodesty distasteful. He is not easily moved to pity. He doesn't go out of his way to do more work than necessary. He often does the first thing that comes to mind. He needs alcohol to get through the working day. He does not mind being outdoors, at least while its sunny. He is a hardened individual.

DF Map Archive[edit]

I am the creator of the DF Map Archive, (Read more on my DFMA page). The map archive lets players upload ingame maps, compressed using SL's DF Map Compressor, and view them online. The compressed image format, .FDF-MAP, is on average 50x smaller then .PNG files and 1500x smaller then .BMP files. The site also features an online player for .CMV files, the video format that DF uses. Visit the DF Map Archive to find out more!

Useful links:

CMV File format[edit]


Of relevence, here are some of worlds to which I have graced:

  • Koloborid Alu - The Infinite Universe of the Winds, site of Gearaxe (failed) and Axegear.


I enjoy DF the most for building fortress (I never have got the hang of Adventure mode / Roguelikes). Heralding from a past of sculpting symmetrical and pleasing dungeons in Dungeon Keeper, DF is a hot ticket for me to expand my dreams.

Here are links to my newer maps:

  • Shieldgear - A wide dam fills the valley creating a resevoir of water. A temporary fort is being shifted underground.
  • Firegear - A massive engineering project saw the construction of an Ocean Fort, with an entrance tower built a considerable distance away from the coast.
  • Axegear - My second fort, first year success? A vertical outpost build deep into the side of a cliff
  • Gearspike - My first fort, a failure... too big, too slow, no river

Here is a showcase of some of my older creations for the previous version of DF:

Recent Artifacts[edit]

As they come, they will be reported. Grouped by the fort they were created in.


During Spring of 1052, Peasant Mosus Gleepaged created Dalgovos, "Greedleaf", an Andesite grate. It is encircled with bands of Andesite

As unexciting as this item may seem, it is the first artifact created in the new game and propelled the fresh faced miner towards stardom as a legendary miner after only a week in the job.


During Summer of 1064, Limul Bidokducim created Eshomkun Ulengotthat Igest, "Silencecats the Lost Directions of Gloss", a Sapphire scepter. On the item is an image of a goblin in Sapphire. The goblin is dead.

I can only imagine this stylish scepter in the hands of a suave dwarf sat upon a gilted throne, with kittens strolling around gnawing on the bones of dead goblins.


During the 13th Galena, 1063 the Expert Mason, Vulcar Vilogem created:

Elotdur, "Buckfists", a Chalk table. Encrusted with Aventurine and decorated with Chalk. This object menaces with spikes of mule leather. On the item is an image of goblins and dwarves in Chalk. The goblins are fighting with the dwarves. On the item is an image of a dwarf in Chalk. The dwarf is screaming. On the item is an image of a dwarf and a goblin in Tower-cap. The dwarf is making a plaintive gesture. The goblin is striking a menacing pose. On the item is an image of dwarves and dwarves in kobold bone. The dwarves are speaking with the dwarves.

Seemingly, the possessed dwarf saw fit to inscribe an entire battle report onto this legendary table. As put by fellow fortress builder Momaw: "The goblins were kicking dwarf butt, so the dwarves called in reinforcements."...
  • Weight: 250`
  • Basic value: unknown

During the 12th Limestone, 1061 the Legendary Mason Nomal Semoretur created:

Tiristmokez, "Rimcages", an Onyx table. Decorated with Onyx and encircled with bands of Onyx. This object menaces with spikes of Onyx. On the item is an image of an anvil in turtle shell. On the item is an image of a goblin in Turquoise. The goblin is in a fetal position.

  • Weight: 250`
  • Basic value: unknown


During the 6th Hematite, 1058, the Legendary Clothes maker Reg Keskalzasit created:

Avalbistokosdin, a cave spider silk chausse. Encircled with bands of cave spider silk, Turoquoise and turtle shell, with hangings of cave spider silk. On the item is an image of dwarves and elves. The dwarves are speaking with the elves.

  • Weight: 1`
  • Basic value: 14800


My tilesets, extraced from the List of user character sets, and List of user graphics sets:

Sphr + Markavian[edit]

Sphr dwarves 12 12.png
Download: sphr_mkv_12x12_graphics_v0.3.zip (121KB)
Author: Sphr and Markavian
Tile Size: 12×12
Resolution: 960×300
Current Version:
DF Compatibility: Unspecified
Installation: This graphic tileset is available in an easy to install mod (download above) - Follow the 4 steps in the readme file.
  1. Backup your init.txt file
  2. Remove any files in raw/graphics
  3. Copy the data/ and raw/ folder into your DF installation
    - Overwrite any files
  4. Play!
This graphics mod use a rescaled, sharpened, version of Sphr's 16×16 tileset and Markavian's solid curses tileset. Read more about the graphics at Shph'r gfx set page and about the modified solid curses at Markavian's user page.

Solidcurses with stairs[edit]

Mkv solidcurses stairs 960x300.png
Title [[#{{{filename}}}|{{{filename}}}]]
Author Markavian
Tile Size 12x12
Resolution 960x300
Comments This revision is designed to work with DFv27_169_33a with special tiles for stairs and ramps, as well as the changes present in the earlier version such as bones, walls, trees and swords.
Available in mkv curses 12x12 and 6x6 v2.zip. As seen in the fortress of Axegear.

Tiny tileset[edit]

Mkv curses 480x150 v2.png
Title [[#{{{filename}}}|{{{filename}}}]]
Author Markavian
Tile Size 6x6
Resolution 480x150
Comments My second version of the tiny tileset, for uber small resolution DF, with improved visibility of several symbols.

Available in mkv curses 12x12 and 6x6 v2.zip.


Participant in the DF world since 2006, played it far too much. Can be found lurking in #bay12games on WorldIRC. Likes graphics, programming, and all of the above. Visit my website: http://mkv25.net/