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MasterShizzle's Dwarf Fortress page[edit]

User Info[edit]

MasterShizzle spends far too much time playing Dwarf Fortress, usually to the exclusion of other, more productive things he could be doing. He plays a small list of other games, and is a fan of anything in the Roguelike genre and most tactical turn-based games (FF Tactics, Advance Wars, etc).

When he's not figuring out more elaborate and spectacular ways to have Fun playing Dwarf Fortress, he's either at work or hanging around with his wife and children.

What's Here[edit]

Build Order[edit]

This is my own personal preference for starting a fortress, in list form.

Digging Smart[edit]

Not listed anywhere else on the wiki, that I could see. How to dig smarter and not have to wait for days to tunnel out a stockroom.