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Mac Memory Hacking[edit]

I am doing some work on memory hacking on the Mac, OS 10.6. There's very little to see here of interest at this point in time.


The coveted Dwarf Fortress medal doesn't menace with spikes of anything, but it should.

A list of possible Dwarf Fortress achievements/trophies (a la Xbox360/PS3). This is a work in progress; more to come when I have a bit of spare time. Feel free to add if you like. Difficulties are rough/approximate; feel free to discuss.


  • Created wealth of $100,000.
  • Created an artifact.
  • Survived the First Winter.
  • Traded with merchants.
  • Survived a goblin ambush.


  • Created wealth of $1,000,000.
  • Created five artifacts.
  • Attracted nobles (except the King and his entourage: consort, advisor).
  • "Acquired" merchant goods without trading.
  • Survived a goblin siege.


  • Created wealth of $10,000,000.
  • Created 10 artifacts, at least one worth $100,000.
  • Attracted the King and his entourage.
  • Killed the merchants.
  • Survived a goblin siege without traps.


  • Created wealth of $100,000,000.
  • Survived a goblin siege without traps or crossbowdwarfs.

"By-Four" Industry Groupings[edit]

In previous forts, I tended to build industry grouped by fours according to these groups. This was developed prior to the Industry Relationships graph shown below; I still often build based on these groupings.

Food Preparation Kitchen Still Farmer's Workshop Millstone (or Quern)
Fashion Industry Loom Dyer's Shop Clothier's Shop Leatherworks
Construction Site Carpenter's Workshop Mason's Workshop Mechanic's Workshop Metalsmith's Forge
Crafters' Corner Craftsdwarf's Workshop Jeweler's Workshop Alchemist's Laboratory1 Bowyer's Workshop1
Hot Heads Smelter Kiln Wood Furnace Glass Furnace
Stinky Alley Fishery Butcher's Shop Tanner's Shop Ashery

1. Yeah, it's a stretch to count these industries in this group, but I put them here to keep a strict "by-four" grouping, and the rest of the groupings seem pretty reasonable.

Note that this doesn't include the Siege Workshop, Kennel, Trade Depot or Shop, the large 5x5 "workshops" (primarily because I developed this grouping based on 3x3 buildings), but these building are specialized enough to warrant special placement.

Industry Relationships[edit]

I created the following diagram to show possible relationships between various industries. These relationships are not automatic, nor always necessary. For example, I doubt most people bother building an alchemist (i.e. soap-maker). Also, if you have magma furnaces, then you are unlikely to have a wood burner (or, possibly, your wood burner only needs connect to the ashery). Obviously, I've not put any of the materials/components/outputs into the graph, because I wanted to keep it simple. I assume here that you already have ideas on what you can/want to build.

So what is the diagram for? Layout planning... For example, the kitchen can receive lots of inputs. Assuming you're making use of most of them, you'd probably want to make the kitchen central, with other workshops fanning outward, and perhaps food stockpiles above and below the kitchen. Another example: assuming you don't want an alchemist, you can take the furnace/metal type workshops and separate them into a whole different area of the fortress from the rest. A similar thing could be done with the fishery/butcher, with just some traversal of meat from those to the kitchen/food stockpiles.

Some of this may seem obvious from your own experiences, but I wanted to try graphing out my experiences to see if there were any non-obvious patterns. If you think there are errors in this graph, please let me know.

NOTE: To reduce a bit of clutter, I disconnected the Alchemist's Workshop. I don't think many people bother with it (the only product being soap). However, the Alchemist's gets input from the kitchen (tallow) and the Ashery (lye) if you need one.


It seems my graph was deleted... At some point, when I have time, I'll recreate it and upload again.