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Settlement 1[edit]

Lost during first winter, due to injuries from local animal population, a frozen river with no indoor water supply, and running out of booze.

Settlement 2[edit]

Operated for 3 seasons, with rather elaborate swiss family Robinson bridge city. Several wells, large production facilities, and well supply still. Lost to goblin raid, due to lack of security, and most travel was across outdoor bridges that weren't sheilded to arrows. 10 dwarves lost in the first 1min before I realized how they were dieing.

Settlement 3[edit]

Accidental breech of a burial chamber for a channel to create a massive pump filled water reserve, cause entire burial chamber, and storage area to flood. Later hilarious attempts at pumping out the water, and collapsing a section of roof on the water channel only made matters worse.

Settlement 4 - Minbazsil - Quakewatch[edit]

[Quakewatch on FD Map Archive| Quakewatch on FD Map Archive]

In progress..

Got first fey mood, 2 wood was taken by a Bowyer...

So far have completed a small dam that acts to supply my water supply, an indoor water fall 4 levels tall. Pumped water up 7 levels from a brook, the dam being 4 levels tall. Internally there is large water removal tube that feeds out to the empty end of the brook, along with an axillary tube that is bi-directional in case my well needs to be filly the un-fun way.

Phase 2 of the above project is completed, which is a massive resevouir above my base, which hangs over my front door (and indoor trade depot), and inside the overhang over the volcano. Recent testing of the release systems has created a partial cap over the mouth of the volcano. I am currently digging this cap out to turn into an tomb of impressive quality. Goals are to incorporate lava into the tomb chamber either with channels below the floor, or lava pillars if test runs go ok in the tomb next door. Fire imps be damned, they can chat with the dead.

The tomb was moving along well, smoothed, and in the process of being engraved. In parallel I was channeling out the floor for the magma effect. I come back later to check on progress, and there's little pools of magma around the channels at 1/7th. I'm ordering the area sealed with a nickel wall until i can determine if this is going to be a threat to the finishing of the chamber. --Mey 20:17, 16 May 2008 (EDT)

After watching the situation closely, it appears magma blurp's up occasionally into the chamber. This just destroyed a master piece carving on the floor of the chamber, and now my engraver is throwing a fit... Hopefully he'll be tossed in jail before the hammer gets him... --Mey 20:19, 16 May 2008 (EDT)

Current plan is to flood this sealed area with water, which should seal the floors and forget the magma channels. Or very carefully encased the channels with clear glass blocks...


I can't seem to embed external images into MediaWiki, so you'll have to click through.

Of note are the Milk opal weapon rack and Golden Piccolo, simply because they contain artwork that references themselves. I assume this is due to lack of drastically note worthy events at all so far.

[What the Bowyer made - Birchen crossbow| What the Bowyer made - Birchen crossbow]
[Turtle Shell Flute| Turtle Shell Flute]
[Gabbro mug| Gabbro mug]
[Milk opal weapon rack| Milk opal weapon rack]
[Golden piccolo| Golden piccolo]
[Obsidian door| Obsidian door] - Which I installed somewhere and have lost track of
[Golden drum| Golden drum]