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Oddrune is the handle for a Seattle area mathematician. She received her undergraduate degree in Applied Computational Mathematics from the University of Washington and did her graduate work at U.C. Davis.

Note from Oddrune[edit]

I'm writing some things down on this page for my own use, since I play DF on multiple computers. Please don't delete my notes to myself. Most of these are open questions for me and I don't want to lose my research.

Magma Ops[edit]

Can we (usefully) model DF magma with diffusion equations or some other transport model?

Yes, diffusion. Discretized with viscosity. Probably how it's done in code.

What is the optimal path width for diverting magma long distances?

How great an improvement does the lock system confer?

Useful for pools, less so for pipes. Mostly helps with minimizing evaporation.

How great an improvement would a series of pump-and-dumps confer?

Can you improve diversion by adding a second (or third) tunnel at z+1 and dumping it in farther along the line (thus potentially creating some 7's later in the flow)? How much does it help?

Does work.

Can Fire Imps et al. spawn in sealed, artificial chambers (such as a dumping crevasse)?

None seen so far.

Research ways to use magma against aquifers.

Psychology and Preferences[edit]

Liking Pig Tail Cloth helps both weaving and clothes-making with it. Does it also help dyeing? Seems like a no.


Is there a good way to add refining for potassium ores to make potash? Sylvite is principally KCl, and can by converted to K2O (potash fertilizer) or KOH (potash lye).

Only with smelter hack so far.

Is there a way to convert a mineral to a milled product?

None so far.

Is there a way to use that product in conjunction with the glass furnace to produce other shades of glass? cobaltite -> (by sintering) CoAl2O4 -> (+sand, +pearlash) cobalt blue glass

Can mod in and use smelter hack. No other way so far.