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More Mythical Creatures
Version 1.0
Updated July 29, 2017
For DF Version 0.43.05
Out of date for current version

A simple mod made to add more fantasy creatures to the game. Made mostly for my own indulgence, but you're free to use it yourself.


The listed creatures may be found in either good, evil or savage regions, depending of the species.

Goblin Buddies
  • Orc - Man-sized brutes with a bad attitude. They accompany trolls in goblin sieges.
  • Hobgoblin - Taller than a goblin, but smaller than a bugbear. They accompany trolls in goblin sieges.
  • Bugbear - Larger than a hobgoblin, but smaller than a troll. They accompany trolls in goblin sieges.
Herbivorous Critters
  • Jackalope - Bunnies with antlers!
  • Catoblepas - Large bovine with a paralyzing breath.
  • Pegasus - Horses with wings. That's about it, really.
  • Hyppogriff - Half-eagle, half-horse.
  • Kirin - A vaguely horse-like creature covered in scales and with antlers upon its head.
Carnivorous Beasts
  • Cockatrice - Hissing chicken with a paralyzing bite. Doesn't like weasels.
  • Basilisk - Half-rooster serpent with a paralyzing bite. Also doesn't like weasels.
  • Manticore - Man-faced lions with stinger tails. They can shoot their quills as a form of ranged combat.
  • Chupacabra - Small elusive desert lizards, they suck blood out of those they bite. Doesn't necessarily prefer goats over dwarves.
Denizens of Evil Lands
  • Hellhound - Aggressive black dogs who hunt in packs.
  • Ghoul - A ravenous undead who travels in large packs, prone to stealing food and drink.
  • Wendigo - Crazed, enormous monsters found only in the evil cold reaches of the world. Extremely dangerous.
  • Krampus - Bad dwarves will receive a visit from Krampus during the winter, and get coal thrown at their faces.
  • Drake - Four-legged, wingless dragonkin. Referred in game as "true drakes" to not confuse them with male ducks.
  • Wyvern - Two-legged, winged dragonkin with a poisonous stinger.
  • Amphiptere - Legless, winged dragonkin.
  • Lindworm - Wingless, legless dragonkin with a pair of clawed arms.
  • Wyrm - Entirely limbless, huge dragonkin.
  • Faerie Dragon - Tiny, good dragonkin who can breathe out magic.
  • Heavenly Dragon - Immense limbed dragonkin who can fly without wings and possess a pair of antlers. Essentially Eastern dragons, but calling them that in-game would feel out of place.
Subterranean Denizens
  • Gold Elemental - The gabbro man's much shinier cousin.
  • Gargoyle - Living statues made out of solid granite.
  • Phoenix - A bird made out of fire, found through the magma.
  • Plump Helmet Dragon - Mushrooms aren't so funny when they're the size and shape of a flying, fang-filled dragon.
  • Faceless Horror - H' mgep mg ahororr'e!
  • Pus Dragon - Smaller than a true dragon, the pus dragon makes up for it by being the most disgusting being alive. Breathing out pus from its mouth, it's a walking plague bound to attack your fort.