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'Speed' Angzakalåth, "'Speed' Terrorbolt", Sharpshooter
'Speed' Angzakalåth has been happy lately. He admired his own fine crossbow lately. He enjoyed a great webstream recently. He talked with a friend lately. He was annoyed by a teacher recently. He enjoyed a party lately. He was disgusted by a foul smell recently. He had a nice decadent drink recently. He had a pretty decent meal lately.
He is a casual worshipper of Toady One the Creator of Dwarf Fortress.
He is a citizen of Wallachia. He is a member of The Shackles of Mediocrity. He is a member of The Dwarf Fortress channel He is an enemy of Ubizanisfyn.
He is sixteen years old, born on the 18th of Limestone in the year 1994.
He is very thin, yet quite muscular. His nose bridge is rather straight. His eyes are small and of different shades of hazel.
He is almost never sick, quick to heal, slow to tire and incredibly tough, but he is weak.
'Speed' Angzakalåth likes tomatoes, axes, olivine, yellow topaz, the color yellow and Black Panthers for their coolness. When possible he prefers to consume mineral water and fruit. He dislikes cows for their haunting moos.
He has great creativity, great analytical abilities, a great spatial sense, a good kinesthetic sense, a way with words, a good musical sense, good intuition and the ability to focus, but he has little patience and a large deficit of willpower,
He is relaxed. He is modest. He doesn't often experience strong cravings or urges. He finds rules confining. He is comfortable in social situations. He is straightforward with others. He doesn't go out of his way to do more work than necessary. He doesn't like to compromise with others. He does not actively seek friendships. He often bites on something when he is thinking. He needs fruit to get through the working day.
A medium sized creature fond of videogames and food.

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