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About Me[edit]

I started playing dwarf fortress a while ago, back in the 2d version. I quickly became addicted and my social life has suffered greatly. Now that it is possible, I prefer to play above-ground fortresses, for some reason.

My Projects[edit]

Shimmercastle An aboveground fortress made almost entirely of wood.

Quick Reference - Smelting[edit]

Iron - Hematite, Limonite, or Magnetite

Pig Iron - Iron Bars + Coke + Calcite/Limestone/Dolomite/Chalk/Marble

Steel - Iron Bar + Pig Iron Bar + Coke + Calcite/Limestone/Dolomite/Chalk/Marble

Silver - Silver Nuggets, Horn silver, Galena(50%), Tetrahedrite(20%)

Gold - Gold nuggets

Platinum - Platinum Nuggets

Electrum - Gold Nuggets + Silver Ore / Gold Bars + Silver Bars

Aluminum – Aluminum

Copper - Tetrahedrite, Copper Nuggets, Malachite

Nickel - Garnierite

Zinc - Sphalerite

Tin – Casserite

Bismuth – Bismuthinite

Lead – Galena

Bronze - Copper Ore + Casseriterite / Copper Bars + Tin Bars

Brass - Copper Ore + Sphalerite / Copper Bars + Zinc Bars

Fine Pewter - Copper Ore + Cassiterite(3) / Copper Bars + Tin Bars(3)

Trifle Pewter - Copper Ore + Cassiterite(2) / Copper Bars + Tin Bars(2)

Billion - Silver Ore + Copper Ore / Silver Bars + Copper Bars

Sterling Silver - Silver Bar(3) + Copper Bar

Black Bronze - Gold Bar + Silver Bar + Copper Bar(2)

Rose Gold - Gold Bar(3) + Copper Bar

Bismuth Bronze - Copper Bar(2) + Tin Bar + Bismuth Bar

This is simply a quick reference sheet for my own use. If anyone wants to add to it or fix any mistakes, feel free. All data is taken from Smelting, just rearranged into a simpler format.