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Teeto_K is a hobby game designer and serious game player, who fell in love with DF at first sight.

Teeto_K's tileset[edit]

Teeto K 18x18.PNG
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Author Teeto_K
Tile Size 18×18
Resolution 1440×450
Comments So, here's a chance for me to REALLY rant and rave about my tileset. Since this is my user page, I'm sure this is the kind of thing you're here to see:

First off - There was, 2 or 3 months ago, a BRUTAL lack of 18x18 tilesets. Well, there still is, but there's one more now! I had started playing with Guybrush's 16x16 set, but found the fact that it didn't stretch all the way across my 1440 pixel monitor rather distressing (This was before the days of [GRID] and [FULLGRID]). So, I began work on an 18x18 tilset. Now, being the lazy troublemaker that I am, I needed a "ground zero" to start from. For this I chose Maus's 18x18 conversion of his 9x9 "Nostalgia" tileset. Initially, my work wasn't worthy of public distribution: I simply stretched up the graphical-tiles in Guybrush's set, and left Maus's set otherwise unchanged, and for a time, this served me well in playing.

However - I started to notice things that annoyed me. I had a hard time discerning channels on the ground, so I changed the tile used by them to a "fuzzy square", to denote the ground being below. As time went on, I started making other changes:

> Darkened various walkable and overworld tiles, to make dwarves easier to spot. I kept being unable to see my marksdorves on the surface(Trees, varied ground tiles, sand/water, shrubs)

> Edited the barrel sprite to better use the Foreground/Background color combining you get when making barrels from metals.

> Edited the tile used for levers so that it was readable as an o, while still recognizable as a lever. Clearly marked the "on" position.

> Made stairway tiles viable as brackets while still able to be discerned as to which was up and which was down.

> "O", "I", "X", "quote", and "Zero" changed to be a hybrid between "Readable Text" and "Comprehensible graphic".

> Edited the dorf/guard sprites heavily, to make it easy to tell the different classes apart.

> Edited the craft items' symbols to better represent the item in question, when said symbol was unused in text.

> Made the "Weight symbol" look a little more like a "Palm Tree", while still being abstract enough for use in the interface.

Eventually, I had done so much work on it, that I reached a point where I wanted to publicly release it. So, I went through and re-drew the remaining remnants of unedited plagiarized material, and then posted it! It's still undergoing tweaks, of course, as I play and notice things I'd like different. I'll probably upload other versions, but as it stands, I consider it a complete work. My hopes that you enjoy using it as much as I enjoyed making it!

Teeto_K's Starting Build[edit]

So, you want to play dwarf fortress exactly like I do? I'll show you how I do it, and a little bit of why:


+5 Logger / +1 Appraiser / +4 Negotiator "The Leader"

+5 Miner / +5 Weaponsmith

+5 Miner / +5 Armorsmith

+5 Cook / +3 Brewer / +2 Thresher "The Chef"

+5 Planter / +5 Architect

+5 Mason / +5 Mechanic

+5 Carpenter / +5 Mason

The leader does double-duty as my logger. Logging in my experience leaves a dorf with plenty of idle time, for handling liasons and caravans.

My miners are my future gearsmiths as well, because it's +2 more skill than you can possibly "get lucky" and have arrive on an immigrant. Which means less ore wasted on level ups, and more high-grade gear to use starting out.

My "Chef" is my primary source of income. Granted, plant extracts from farmable plants are grossly overvalued, but it works. Additionally, having massive stockpiles of ABSURD quality food makes dwarves VERY happy. Threshing skill is to speed up the process of first-year caravan-goods making.

Architect goes on the farmer at +5 because he'll have the spare time for it, much like a logger, and further, high-quality buildings and roads and bridges get admired, and admiration thoughts are just annother bump further away from tantrum spirals.

The Mason/Mechanic and Carpenter/Mason are the heart of my fort, nearly always busy throwing up some kind of nonsense, be it traps, rooms, furniture, towers, or what-have-you. I double up on Mason because the ratio of constructed Stone to Wood items in the early game disproportionately favors stone, at least in my games, with me throwing up fully furnished bedrooms, getting a big dining hall going, perimeter walls, and such-similar.


21 of each booze

51 turtles

21 of each non-dimple-cup seed

The beginnings and core of my food supply. Also, failed-mood prevention by supplying a ready source of shells and bone.

6 copper picks

1 Steel Battle-axe

I've messed with a "Bring the anvil and forge your own" build in the past, and frankly, this leaves me more points, and is easier to manage. Initially, all but my logger get mining turned on, until I get the initial chambers hollowed out. Also, extra picks lets me keep idlers (Like my chef before farming kicks in) busy.

2 Pig-Tail-Ropes

Chaining your pack animals on opposite sides of a 3-wide entry hallway results in a sneak-proof corridor, no matter where on their chain-length they wander.

10 Barrels, 10 bags

Hassle-free food processing.

25 Bauxite

Magmaworking. If you accidentally strike "Hidden Fun Stuff" in your first year, you may never get to order any. Build it into stone floors at the outset so it doesn't get used on mundane items, then release it later and make it all into mechanisms when you have time.

XX stone blocks

I like to bring these, for one reason: You can pick pretty colors, like Kimberlite (Blue), Cobaltite (Light Blue), Microline (Blinding Blue), Kaolinite (Red), Cinnabar (Bright Red), Olivine (Green), Pitchblende (Purple). Actually, the OTHER reason is that I like to be able to build all my workshops/buildings out of them, because then I can forbid/dump stones from the stocks menu without having to unforbid my workshops.

Anything else:

You still have hundreds of points, probably, unless you really went nuts on the blocks. It's okay, go nuts on the blocks.